SAN FRANCISCO—The Mayor of San Francisco announced on Tuesday, April 20 that the city’s main public library will re-open on Monday, May 3.

In a press release, the Mayor said the first floor of the San Francisco Main Library will reopen on May 3 “for limited indoor service” followed by Chinatown/Him Mark Lai Branch Library on May 17.  The Mission Bay Branch Library will reopen on May 18.

People who want to go to the San Francisco History Center, which is on the sixth floor of the Main Library, will have to make an appointment and “request materials to be retrieved from collections on upper floors, such as cookbooks, gardening, and general nonfiction,” states the press release.

Matt Haney, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors stated “libraries are so important to all of our residents” and noted the Mission Bay Branch Library is a “vibrant community resource especially for families” while SF’s Main Library “provides critical access to my constituents who otherwise lack access to technology,” in a tweet on April 20.

The San Francisco Main Library opened 25 years ago on April 18, 1996.  It was worth “$104.5 million in bond funds and $22 million in private donations” and at the time, was the “largest public/private partnership” in the city’s history, states its website.