HOLLYWOOD—Danger is lurking people that was the cliffhanger audiences received after last week’s episode of “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘The Skies Have Eyes’ witnessed Jason ready to strike at Ellie with knife in his hand after hiding under her bed while she slept. Ellie was frightened as Jason held that knife to her throat. Jason was indeed sweating profusely, as Ellie was shaking in her boots.

She tried to utilize her charm on him, but it only got underneath his skin more, however, she offered a few kisses to help Jason lose his guard a bit. That was until she got the upper hand and took the knife from him and he started to choke her. And out of the shadows Allan returned and rescued her by knocking Jason out cold with a guitar.

When Allan realized that it was Jason, he was taken aback. Ellie admitted Jason tried to rape her, and Allan wanted to call the police, while Ellie wanted to call Hunter to alert him what transpired. Yeah, they are indeed in a dicey situation. They tell the President and it’s all over. The best thing to do is to keep Jason in their custody. Donald was inquisitive when he learned that Lilly was headed to The White House to visit the First Lady, as the spars were continually traded.

Donald is a real ass, and when Allan alerted Donald of the situation with Jason he went to panic mode. So is Donald about to use this to get the upper hand or is more chaos about to ensue? Nope, he was about to use Kyle to handle yet another situation. Priscilla was an emotional mess, and when she learned that Dianne was found dead inside her apartment it caused her to spiral even more. Nancy and Richard waited by Barry’s bedside for him to wake up. I’ll be honest I’m over Richard’s hate for Nancy. I get it in the beginning, but now it’s just got damn annoying. Like Nancy said last week, either get over it or file for a divorce.

Nancy and Richard were stunned when Ruth showed up at the hospital asking about Barry’s condition. Ruth warned Nancy and Richard that she is in trouble without actually saying she is in trouble. Richard picked up on her fear, she mouthed to them ‘Please Help Me.’ She was delivering one hell of a performance and she delivered with absolute perfection. I like this storyline people, this is the meaty substance I want to see transpire.

Sharon received a phone call from Hunter who wanted to speak to her. Gosh, this guy is such a tool, but when Sharon revealed she was in a car accident it took him off guard. He wants her to have a private tour of The White House. I guess this is a good thing, if he can weaponize his power to help take out that cult. Kareem was taken aback by the call. Victoria became worried when she realized that Jason is missing. Victoria it is not smart to chat with Hunter about Jason’s whereabouts with Priscilla within an ear’s distance. Hunter picked up on the fact that Victoria is a bit close to Sam. Hunter pegged that his wife is sleeping with Sam, but I thought Hunter might be angrier, but not so much.

Wow, Hunter came out with the questions asking Priscilla and Sam about him sleeping with Victoria. Talk about tension in the room people. Kyle arrived to Allan’s apartment and got the scope on what transpired with Jason and Ellie. Donald arrived and Kyle was taken aback to learn his lover did tell him of the actual situation that was in play. Donald played fixer and informed Allan and Ellie to get dressed and head to work as if nothing ever happened. I wonder how Hunter and Victoria will respond when they learn what their devilish child has been up to.

Sam unleashed his anger on his staff that have no idea where Jason is, just as Nancy and Richard received good news when Barry woke up. Bobby returned to Blakely’s compound where she had questions about his antics, but that conversation was short-lived when an unexpected party arrived on the premises. That person who arrived was a familiar face, Martin, one who has already spoken to Priscilla, Bobby was familiar with Martin, and Kyle was inquisitive as well.

Hunter received an emergency call from Donald alerting him of Jason’s latest stunt. Victoria learned about the situation and she was livid, when Hunter learned Jason was at Ellie’s place it cause fury in his blood. Sam looked stupid, when it became clear Hunter already knew where Jason was and Sam had no clue. Victoria tried to play peacemaker, but the insults continued as Victoria wanted to know where Jason was. All this tension boiled over as Priscilla entered the room and she had a stoic look on her face.

Why? She had a gun in her hand and unleashed it on Hunter and Victoria, before Sam was forced to unleash his gun on his own wife! Damn talk about a crazy cliffhanger people. Please don’t let Priscilla be dead, but who knows what the hell is about to unfold with this stunt. Next week looks good and it looks like the season is culminating for an epic ending. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!