HOLLYWOOD—Everyone loves the reality dating series “The Proposal.” It’s for the romantic at heart. It airs on ABC and premiered on June 18. The show is extremely entertaining. On July 9, viewers were surprised to learn the single woman, who was given two proposals at the end of the night, was actress LisaRaye McCoy. This is not McCoy’s first time in the spotlight.

McCoy, whose sister is the rapper/actress Da Brat, grew up on the South Side and now lives in Los Angeles. Ms. McCoy is known for her roles in the 1998 film “The Players Club,” The CW sitcom “All of Us,” and most recently the series “Single Ladies” on VH1. Besides, her on-screen fame, McCoy’s is the former First Lady of Turks and Caicos, given her ex-marriage to Michael Misick. Misick served as Chief Minster of the island from 2003 to 2006, when he was accused of internal corruption. He fled to Brazil and was extradited to Turks and Caicos, but was arrested, charged and released on bail. He later faced trial. One thing is for sure, LisaRaye Mccoy is a stunner, a beautiful, elegant lady.

In the episode, McCoy explained to her 10 suitors that she’s been married before, but hasn’t given up on love. If anything, she said on the show, the past relationship had strengthened her more for a lasting relationship. Throughout the evening, McCoy cut potential partners and accepted a proposal from Anthony, a businessman from Chicago whose last name was not revealed, until later.

“The Proposal’s” concept is simple: 10 contenders come to meet a single man or woman and vie for their hand in marriage. The hour-long episode consists of summaries, interview questions, and even a swimwear segment, all of which are designed to introduce the future couple on a level of physicality and emotionality. According to the show’s producer Mike Fleiss, the couple is still together, who tweeted the announcement during the show on Monday. Part of Anthony’s proposal to McCoy focused on his love of Chicago.

He boasted about his morning views of the lake and celebrated the fact that both individuals are from the city. The stage’s screen faded into the lakefront, where Anthony said he wanted their proposal to take place. “The Proposal” is ABC’s latest installment in a “Bachelor”-type format. It airs Mondays after “The Bachelorette” and combines the hopeless romantic outlook with the ideas of love at first sight and instant gratification. The show is prepared for a proposal each week, with rowdy audience members reminiscent of an “After The Final Rose” edition of “The Bachelor,” and jeweler Neil Lang ready backstage with a selection of engagement rings.

Actress LisaRaye McCoy and Chicago sales representative Anthony Bryant have a lot in common. They both attended Eastern Illinois University, and Bryant lives near McCoy’s mother on the South Side. The couple didn’t really bond over these similarities until after Bryant proposed to McCoy the day he met her on the ABC network series “The Proposal.” He was one of 10 suitors who competed to be McCoy’s fiance — even as her identity was concealed for most of Monday’s episode.

“Each morning I wake up to the magnificent Chicago skyline and great sunrise, but they don’t compare to your beauty. I want to wake up to you each morning,” Bryant told McCoy shortly after their first kiss. “You’ve made me believe that love at first sight is possible. Now I want you to be my wife.” McCoy accepted Bryant’s proposal — after he showed off his dance moves.

“It was down to the last two guys that I had to choose from. I looked at the other contender, which was (Florida firefighter) Adonis Gonzalez, and he was just a little shorter than what I prefer, and so I went with Anthony,” McCoy said. The episode was taped a few months ago. She said she enjoys the long-distance relationship with Bryant because she has a busy work schedule. She doesn’t plan to move back to Chicago to be with Bryant, nor do they have a wedding date set.

The series, which premiered last month, comes from “The Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss and is a mix of the Miss America competition and “The Wizard of Oz.” The identity of the show’s male or female lead is concealed as 10 suitors selected by the show’s matchmakers are paraded on stage. Contestants are sent home after various rounds in which they are asked to make a first impression, show off their beach body and answer personal questions.

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