“The Quiet Ones” Is Frighteningly Good


HOLLYWOOD—A classic ghost story has to have a good premise. Something that attracts the viewer, but at the same time isn’t too complex to leave the viewer puzzled. “The Quiet Ones” puts all the pieces in place crafting a smart-thriller that will leave audiences on the edge of their seat.

A current trend I’m seeing in cinema is the notion of setting films in previous time periods. Why? It’s less complexity, no need to worry about cell phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter or the constant overload of technology. This supernatural chiller follows a college professor portrayed by Jared Harris and his assistants Harry (Rory Fleck-Byrne) and Krissi (Erin Richards) who vow to prove the supernatural does exist by creating a poltergeist; yes be careful what you wish for.

His student Brian’s (Sam Claflin) desire to want to learn more, places him in an interesting situation with test subject Jane (Olivia Cooke). Jane is no ordinary subject, and the more the researchers delve into her past the more disturbing things become. Their decision to manifest an unknown entity is the basis that places these so-called experimenters in a fight for their lives.

They soon discover a supernatural being known as Evey who is only seen by Jane. It’s punishing to watch this film as it becomes clear the researchers are torturing this test subject for their own well doing. So when the chaos begins to reach a fever pitch, its feels like revenge not only for Jane, but the viewer for having to be subjected to such unorthodox testing.  Watching “The Quiet Ones,” I couldn’t help, but feel as if I was watching a clever collision between “The Exorcist” and “Poltergeist” with the level of intensity increasing as the narrative reaches its frightening climax.

Cooke brings such vulnerability and rage to her character that it works so well as she duly portrays the protagonist and antagonist in my opinion, as she does battle with the true villain in the picture Professor Coupland. This movie is not just about exploring the unknown, but it raises the question of what is ethically and morally correct when it comes to scientific research. Even if a subject is willing to go through such harsh treatments, does it make it okay for the perpetrator of such acts to engage in them?

Not only is this movie thoroughly entertaining, it’s quite smart. Something that very few horror flicks chose to present to its audience. This movie does not dumb down its characters in an effort to propel the narrative. In my opinion, the level intelligence helps propel the movie in the right direction, further enhancing the spectators’ reasoning for wanting to understand the final outcome.

The movie also delivers several tantalizing twists that may surprise the audience in the direction the picture takes. All is not as it seems. “The Quiet Ones” is a fun-ride, but above all it’s absolutely scary as hell.

By LaDale Anderson