HOLLYWOOD—I thought the first half of season 5 was epic! I mean it was so much betrayal, death and mayhem I was hooked. The second half of the season, put the brakes on things slightly as the group invaded unfamiliar territory in Alexandria, but the season culminated with Rick violently killing Pete.

Season 6 kicked off with Rick and his crew dealing with the impact of murder and mayhem in Alexandria as Deanna found herself siding with Rick (who knows a thing or two about survival). The first episode titled “First Time Again” reunited Rick with Morgan, a face from the past who knows how to wield a stick all too well. The moment opened with a flash-forward that saw Rick and the group doing their best to fend a massive troupe of walkers with trucks. Panic ensured as the number of walkers greatly outnumbered the survivors.

The episode was chronicled in two different styles: one in a black-and-white, and the other in color. The residents of Alexandria coped with tragic events, and Morgan and Rick discussed impending danger that is lurking. Ok, this time travel element the series is playing with took a moment to catch onto. The series was doing something that I witnessed once before in the movie “Memento.” The black and white scenes chronicled the past, while the color scenes chronicled the present. Both Rick and Daryl were in agreement that Morgan could not be trusted? Wait, what? Daryl, this guy just rescued you from certain death, and you betray him.

Looks like there is a bit of tension between Sasha and Abraham, as the trust has wavered, and Rick seemed to take over the leadership role that was once held by Deanna. That did not bode well with Pete’s eldest son, Ron who was angry with the recent turn of events. Nice to see a bit of comedy as Morgan called out Rick and Michionne for taking one of his protein bars. It was Rick and Morgan who first discovered the massive army of walkers, just as they rescued Pete’s son from certain death.

Back in the present it was Daryl who was leading the walkers into a trap that was certain to dismantle a large number. Glen’s plan to take out walkers in small doses was beyond idiotic in my opinion, but let the chaos ensue.

Rick took Ron to his father’s burial site, just as new members of Alexandria returned to the camp to disclose that walkers have been in their proximity longer than they imagined. It became evident that the danger was near. A plan was implemented to deter the walkers from the town. It was apparent that many of the residents of Alexandria were still not a fan of Rick. The gang was successful in diverting the walkers to a new stomping ground, but only for a short-time.

Maggie divulged to Tara that Nikolas was responsible for Noah’s death and tried to kill Glen. Tara was shocked to say the least to learn the news. They seemed ambivalent that Glen could trust someone with such little loyalty. Abraham left the vehicle to attack walkers, as Sasha continued on the mission. It looked like he wanted an adrenaline rush. What the hell was Rick thinking allowing newbies to just be attacked by walkers? As much as Rick is a leader, he makes some stupid decisions that are quite questionable at times.

Carter devised a plan to take out Rick, but was not aware that Eugene was eavesdropping on the conversation. Hmm, Eugene found himself in a tough spot, but Rick, Daryl and Morgan intervened before it was too late. Looks like Carter could find himself in hot water this season. I’m already predicting he won’t make it till the end of the first half of the season. Just as I predicted Carter met a grisly demise, but it was at the hands of Rick. Not good, because Morgan and Michionne witnessed their ally kill a human in an attempt to prevent the ripple in the master plan.

Could it be possible the audience sees a battle for supremacy between Morgan and Rick culminate? Abraham questioned Sasha’s intentions for the mission, which did slightly unnerve me a bit as a viewer. As the mission to divert the walkers continued, a large bullhorn caused a major problem. The crew soon discovered the sound was resonating from Alexandria. Start making guesses as to who is responsible for betraying the group, because I’m certain the culprit will be a game-changer. The bloodbath has returned “Walking Dead” die-hards!