HOLLYWOOD—So no major player was killed in last week’s episode of “Scream Queens,” but Zayday was kidnapped by the Red Devil. This week’s episode titled “Pumpkin Patch” which continued the Halloween theme saw Chanel and her minions make plans around Dean Munsch’s plan to halt their festivities as she closed down the campus to protect the Dollar Scholars and Kappa Kappa Tau members.

The ladies decided to portray the wives of fallen US presidents and a battle royale ignited between Chanel and Chanel #5. Hester did her best to pit two friends against each other to ensure her goal of standing on top rises, just as Jennifer’s obsession with ants came to fruition. In a shocking moment, Chanel found herself being arrested, leaving the sisters in disarray.

Grace and Pete were stunned to realize no one cared about the disappearance of Zayday. Grace stumbled upon her father and Gigi getting hot and heavy. It was so funny to see the series spoof “Orange is the New Black.” What the hell? Who on campus hasn’t Chad Radwell slept with, first Dean Munsch, now security personnel Denise Hemphill, who is next?

When Chanel confronted Chanel #5 for attempting to rat her out, war ignited, threats were made and it was apparent a death was in the works. Chanel #5 being the loyal minion that she is decided to get the pumpkin patch ready, even though she was unaware that the Red Devil killer was lurking. It led to her and her two boy toys being stalked in a maze by the devilish fiend. Let’s just say one of the brother’s met a bloody end, while Chanel #5 and the chosen one escaped unharmed.

Grace, Pete, Wes, Gigi, Denise and Dean Munsch stumbled upon the lair of the killer who did everything in his power to make it appear that Zayday was the culprit. Gigi and Denise stumbled upon another lair full of dangerous weapons, and the killer shut off the lights as he planned to attack Gigi and Denise, who were unable to see the danger lurking behind. Gigi tased the Red Devil killer, just as Denise fled the scene to find the others.

How convenient that Gigi was slightly injured while the killer fled the scene? Chanel #5 discussed the horrors of nearly having her head chopped off, while Chanel did her best to fix the election in her favor. Zayday crashed the party, and spilled the details of being trapped in the killer’s pit. She realized that the killer was a nice guy who gave her Oakland nachos, but she stabbed her captor to escape. It was apparent the killer had the hots for her, start guessing.

The episode concluded with a shocking moment as Gigi was confronted by the killer. Surprise, she is working with the masked crusader. She noted specifics about a guy who needs to be taken out. Hmm, if Gigi is working with the killer and so is Boone. Is it possible both could be using the ‘real’ killer to take out each other? Things are becoming quite interesting. Until next Tuesday “Scream Queens” fanatics!