HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode before next week’s season 10 finale of “The Walking Dead.” This week’s episode, ‘Diverged’ which saw further fractions in the relationship between Carol and Daryl. These two besties were still searching for food and crops, but the tension between them was so thick you should slice it with your breathe. It is bad, because even Dog decided to journey with Carol instead of Daryl.

With her return to Alexandria, it was apparent that Carol was in a bad state of mind, it was great to see some of our favorites like Jerry again, but got damn did The Whisperers do a number on Alexandria. Things are looking dire America, especially for Daryl whose bike faltered during his mission. While Carol was preparing food, she was halted by Dog who decided to go a bit haywire tearing up items inside Carol’s home in an attempt to capture a rate. This included Dog destroying the dish Carol was about to craft.

With time on her hand, Carol was able to conjure a contraption to trap the rat with no success. With her soap ruined, Carol was on the hunt for ingredients, but soon found walkers in her presence. Yup, Daryl was looking for a spark plug for his bike as it became apparent someone was watching from a distance in another vehicle: a walker. Not a bright idea to go underneath a car Daryl, when you have a walker inside: I mean seriously are you trying to get crushed!

He realized he needed his knife, but he lent it to Carol and was forced to use a much bigger blade to do some repairs and get his bike back up and running. Carol was busy as was well working to repair the solar panels to generate electricity in the village. I’m calling it now: the remaining episodes for season 10 have been a bummer to say the least. The only episode up to this point that entertained was the mid-season premiere. Like I said, character arcs are fun and all, but you have to have some sort of sense as to where the story is headed. Right now, I have NO IDEA and the past few episodes have felt like filler material.

Daryl found himself in a dicey battle with a walker that came mere inches from turning him into a walker himself. He found all sorts of goodies on the walker that he dispatched and made good use of those items. Carol came face-to-face with that rat that was causing havoc and only made a bigger mess trying to capture the rodent.  Carol’s attempt to generate electricity was a no go and it became Carol our fearless hero was very depressed people.

She was awakened from her sleep by Dog, just as Daryl got his bike back up and running in the darkness of the night. Really, this is what the writing has come to? Carol being freaked out by noises that happen to be that of a damn rat? It became clear Carol was just frustrated as hell and need to unleash a bit of rage, which is exactly what she did by destroying that wall. As rough as things have been for both Daryl and Carol, they did come to greet one another the next morning, but the fracture is so evident people. Why can’t these two just say they are sorry and be back to being the buddies we know they are?

The one thing we can expect is a hell-raising season finale where it seems things will end with a backstory of the nefarious Negan himself. How this will play into the narrative I’m not sure yet, but something tells me the reformed Negan is about to return to his dark side in a vicious way and I’m worried America. Until next week’s finale “Walking Dead” die-hards!