HOLLYWOOD—It has been the moment that “The Walking Dead” fans have been dreading for: Negan’s arrival! Yep, this finale has been buzzed about for months and oh, did season six deliver in ways that left me stunned, shocked, screaming at the TV and so many other things. The final moments was one of the BEST finale moments I’ve witnessed in TV history, but also the most frustrating to say the least!

The season six finale ‘Last Day on Earth’ saw Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) make his grand entrance shocking Rick, the Alexandrians and the rest of “The Walking Dead” fanatics! MAJOR SPOILERS: If you have not watched the season finale STOP RIGHT NOW, I MEAN IT, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

This was an epic episode with so many ‘moments’ I have no clue where to begin. Let’s start with the 93 minute finale that opened with Morgan getting distracted by a horse, just as a Savior, who stole Carol’s cross followed. Viewers watched a bloody face running through the woods; it was a librarian who found himself cornered by the Saviors.

Back in Alexandria, Carl bickered with Enid about imminent danger, as he made plans to head to the Hilltop along with Rick, Sasha, Abraham, Aaron and Eugene. Enid was determined to travel, but Carl wouldn’t allow it and locked her in a closet. Why the hell was everyone vacating Alexandria on their mission to get Maggie medical assistance? I mean Father Gabriel and Spencer at the helm; I don’t feel good about this.

Morgan located a bloody Carol, whose injury was much more serious than she expected, and she refused seeking treatment. The Saviors planned to make things clear to the Alexandrians that they mean business. It was so difficult to see Maggie in a world of pain. Rick planned to call a truce with the Saviors, but they were in no mood to negotiate, and idle threats were made.

Carol learned that others from the camp went searching for her as well. The two battled about the importance of family. Carol has lost it; she threatened to kill Morgan if he didn’t let her be. Abraham and Sasha talked about the possibility of family. When Morgan decided to investigate weird sounds, it gave Carol the opportunity to flee, and he went looking for her.

Yet, again, Rick and his crew found themselves cut-off by the Saviors and it was apparent the battle lines were about to be drawn. So another detour was taken, but they came face-to-face with a roadblock full of zombies in chains. Hmm, I think the Saviors mean business. It became apparent to the gang, that Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita were in serious danger. Shoots were fired, and Rick managed to break the chain to clear a pathway. Yes, it only took 45 minutes, but the episode has now picked up on intensity. Rick became a wreck in the trailer after realizing that his newest love could be in danger, and they were being led into a trap. Our fearless leader was starting to lose it, especially after another roadblock. Negan has built himself one hell of an army, I mean it’s massive.

Morgan continued his hunt to locate Carol who was seen near out of breathe, as she took on a walker that nearly got the best of her. That Savior who Carol injured caught up with her and planned to make her suffer a slow death. He shot her in the arm, then in the leg? Nooooooo! Carol looked like a goner, but it was Morgan who came to her rescue, and fired multiple shots at the enemy before reassuring Carol that it’s not her time. The two were then rescued from two individuals who look like allies. Ok, now we have someone who can assist the Alexandrians on taking out the Saviors.

Rick did his best to reassure Maggie that help was coming, but I fear that her baby won’t make it to season 7. It became apparent that Abraham, Rick, Eugene, Sasha, Carl and Aaron have walked into an epic trap. With fuel running low, Rick devised a plan to ensure Maggie got help, and that the Saviors were outwitted. For once, Eugene stepped up the plate to be the hero that he should have been a few seasons ago.

As Carl, Sasha, Rick, Abraham and Aaron transported Maggie, they heard loud whistles that gave a hint that danger was lurking after them. To make matters worse, its nighttime, so seeing is believing. Yep, the moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Rick and the others are trapped, and outnumbered in gargantuan ways. Of course, Eugene was captured as well. Their weapons were retrieved, as that talkative Savior from the beginning of the episode began calling the shots. Dear God, watching them place a pregnant Maggie to the ground, while she ached in pain was agonizing.

As a fan I have been dreading this moment, but the next 15 minutes left me glued to the couch. Dwight re-emerged to the scene, just as Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita were also forced to kneel in front of the great Negan, who made an entrance that was so climatic it was almost hard to believe. Jeffrey Dean Morgan does indeed fit the role of the big bad bully. He strolled out in a black leather jacket, with ‘Lucille’ his barbed wooden baseball bat in tow.

Negan had a conversation with Rick about taking out the people of his crew; well, this guy is so devious, he smiles when making threats. Someone the audience cares about greatly was about to die. He simply wanted all of their supplies, in return for the safety of their lives. He gave a long monologue about his tyranny. Plans of punishment were about to be enforced, and Rick, Carl, Maggie, Glenn, Michonne, Eugene, Abraham, Aaron or Sasha were about to have their head bashed in by ‘Lucille,’ and I’m seriously on edge.

Negan seemed intrigued by Carl, and he made jokes at Maggie’s ill state, which caused Glenn to flip out, trying to do his best to save his wife. Negan made it clear that if anyone else stepped in, blood would be spilled. I’ve never seen Rick like this; NEVER, he was losing it mentally, it could be seen all over his face. When Negan realized that Carl was Rick’s son, our leader spoke up for once.

The tension of watching this guy move back and forth, as he attempted to decide who would have a date with the Grim Reaper was unnerving. So what does the new villain choose to do, he decided to play a childhood favorite game and it left all the Alexandrians in tears.

The final moments saw Negan pummel the face of someone, but the viewer did not the opportunity to see the face as the screen went to black! Who was it? Was it Glenn, Daryl, Maggie, Rick, Michonne or some smaller character? Who do you think met their maker?

What the hell “Walking Dead,” you’ve got to be kidding me with such a massive lead up to leave fans waiting till the premiere of season 7 to find out who Negan killed! I have to wait to October 2016, to find out who lived and who died, this is unbelievable torture. Until October “Walking Dead” die-hards!