HOLLYWOOD—Man, did you see episodes this week for the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless?” Talk about a testament of fine acting. Damn! What many have deemed the trial of the century (I must say I agree) kicked off with Victor facing his enemies and his loved ones in the courtroom for his latest string of actions, which I would agree are unforgivable.

I hate to admit, this is a guy who audiences should despise to the core. Yet, there is something about the acting from Eric Braeden that makes you feel sorry for this character. Victor was on eggshells as his trial got underway and Christine surely did all in her power to paint a bad picture for the jury about who Victor Newman truly is. Sorry Victor, when you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

Not only did Jack, Phyllis, Nick, Victoria, Nikki, Luca, Summer, Noah and a host of others take the stand to vilify Victor, but his attorney, Michael, didn’t do much defending. Not only was this worrisome to Victor, but Christine seemed to balk at her pal Michael’s defense.

I mean Gina Tognoni might have missed the cut for a Lead Actress Emmy nomination this year, but WOW, talk about a level of epic acting. What she delivered in that courtroom was nothing short of a GUARANTEE nomination for 2017! Yes, I’m calling it now. Not to be outdone, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) delivered testimony that was something of a revelation. I feel at times this is an actress whose true talent isn’t always showcased, but she delivered in epic proportions this week.

Victor being the bully he is questioned Michael’s tactics to not cross-examine the witnesses as they took the stand. I mean the audience is well aware that Michael completely planned to botch the case so that Victor would get a guilty verdict. I mean after that conversation he had with Phyllis and his wife Lauren, he was sickened by his pal Victor’s tactics.

Well Michael, Victor is someone you never want to make an enemy out of. The man might be down, but he ain’t out. So he used his latest remaining ace by having Luca Santori recalled to the stand and the revelation that Michael was purposely sabotaging his client’s case came out in the open. Yeah, the courtroom exploded and no one was happy to say the least. So what transpired? Michael was fired, he could even lose his license to practice law and Victor decided to represent himself. Yes, a bold move indeed, but now the viewers got an opportunity to see Victor really get under the skin of all his co-conspirators including his children and his wife.

Victor is a dirty man, but to see Braeden tackle such riveting material was pure jubilation. I mean Adam is doing his best to stand up to his father, but he forgets dear ole dad knows your little secret (that Sully is actually his son with Sage, not Nick). Imagine how Chelsea will react when she learns yet again, the man she loved has lied to her face. The more Sharon and Dylan think about it, things about Dr. Anderson just don’t add up, and the person who is key to unlocking that secret is none other than Patty Williams. Patty may have flipped, but with a bit of guidance the truth will indeed set her free.

A rumor is floating around that a major character on “The Young and the Restless” could have a date with the grim reaper in coming weeks. How ironic with May sweeps right around the corner? I mean for a soap that teased audiences with a death during November sweeps that never happened, now is the perfect time to cause a bit of chaos. I mean, look at what death did to “Days of Our Lives.” It revitalized that soap in ways that viewers never expected. It’s not like we don’t have an OVERLOAD of characters in Genoa City, some who should have exited the canvas a lot sooner than what has transpired.

The biggest surprise of the week was the quick turnaround from the jury who found Mr. Victor Newman GUILTY! Yep, didn’t see that coming, and he’s expected to spend a whopper of time behind bars, 10 years. Considering that Victor has just been delivered a fatal blow, expect wholly hell to erupt WHEN, yes, when Victor Newman finds a way to escape his sentence, which is certain to happen. The Abbotts, the Newman clan and Michael and Lauren should watch out, cause vengeance will explode in unspeakable ways.

“Young and the Restless” is indeed proving yet again why it’s the number one soap in daytime. Much of those kudos can go to Victor Newman people, he has indeed made things riveting yet again.