SAN FRANCISCO—A 45 year old San Francisco woman known as Thor Kill was sentenced to two years in prison after being charged for felony possession of ammunition by a prohibited person. Kill was prohibited from possessing ammunition due to a 2012 misdemeanor assault conviction according to the San Francisco District Attorney. After she serves her sentence, Kill is ordered to serve probation for four years and is prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition for the rest of her life.

Thor was first arrested in April 2021 and has been in custody since. Authorities served a warrant, searched her home. During their investigation, they found bomb-making supplies, thousands of rounds of live ammunition, 87 firearm magazines, 125 pounds of explosive powder, other manufacturing equipment used to produce ammunition and gun parts from her storage unit on the 1400 block of Folsom Street. Police also found body armor and armbands with Nazi symbols on them during their raid. 

Image of some of the ammunition seized.

Officers found posts made by Kill on social media that supported Nazism and mass shootings which helped them to develop probable cause to search her home. Her posts also contained images of the equipment used to make ammunition.  

In one post she wrote, “It is not a crime to show patriotism and loyalty. Trolls do not make laws anymore than follow them.” The comment was in response to a YouTube video she posted where a man was under scrutiny for teaching his dog a Nazi salute and was being charged with a hate crime. 

In another post, Kill commented on what she wrote, “good work, keep it up” after sharing a link to the El Paso Walmart shooting that occurred in 2019. 

In early 2021, the San Francisco Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives received a tip from two people who worked in the firearms industry. Kill tried to buy 25 pounds of “black powder” from a company that sells supplies to historical Civil War re-enactors and wanted to ship the powder to a P.O. Box in California.

When an employee asked about the nature of Kill’s reenactment activities, she responded, “someone is going to shoot you for asking those kinds of questions,” according to court records.

“This case reminds us just how much we can protect public safety by working together,” said SF District Attorney Brooke Jenkins. “The successful operation in this case took vast quantities of ammunition and explosives off the streets making our community safer.”