HOLLYWOOD—Gosh, it seems like the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” just loves weddings. Why? Another wedding has taken place, this time a quickie wedding between which is going to cause all types of chaos in the Forrester vs. Spencer battle. It just seemed like yesterday that Thorne and Katie sparked up a romance. Well, in the matter of the last month, Thorne has placed a bug into Katie’s ear to seek full custody of her son, Will from Bill Spencer. Now, Bill was in the plethora of turning over a new leaf after all the chaos he endured with Liam, Wyatt and Steffy. Katie’s decision has led to a battle, where there are fractures on all sides.

Bill has Brooke and Justin as allies, while Katie seems to have everyone else on her side. Liam was subpoenaed to testify for Katie, while Wyatt was called to testify on behalf of Bill. It’s no surprise both brothers have conflicting feelings about the situation, knowing Bill’s devious deeds. Bill is really getting closer to Brooke and I teased that we could see these two rekindle their romance, and I’m seriously thinking that is where the writers are headed. Why?

Ridge has done some things to annoy Brooke. First, he chose Steffy’s Intimates Collection over Hope 4 The Future. Steffy has been an utter brat in the situation taunting Hope who is pregnant by the way. Not only has she stolen Sally Spectra for her design team, Steffy seems to get a thrill out of churning the knife a bit on Hope. Be careful Steffy, we all know, no one stays on top forever. However, the big issue is that Ridge is pulling out dirty tactics to ensure Bill loses custody of Will. How so? By bribing a judge to rule in favor of Katie and that has the judge questioning if that is something he can do. The great Forrester seems to be pushing his agenda, which I think has poked the interest of Brooke, who knows her husband is up to no good.

If this does indeed come out, it will make Ridge no better than Bill in Brooke’s eyes. Making the situation worse will be that revelation that Brooke has been secretly meeting with Bill to be a hearing ear. Ridge is a jealous fiend and considering he already despises Bill Spencer it makes the situation that more contentious.

Katie and Thorne are now husband and wife, both are ecstatic and so is Will; that means Bill Spencer will not be so happy. So the question fans have now is how will this custody battle pan out and just how dirty will it get in the long run. Katie is going to expose Bill, but I don’t see Bill backing down without a fight and we all know Bill can play very dirty. Katie’s depression and her alcoholism will definitely come up in the courtroom to say the least. We’ve already seen what Bill did to Steffy, Liam and Wyatt; these are all people who he is tied to by blood in some fashion or another. Now just think about this for a second, what he will do to those he already despises, not to mention mortal enemies?

Other rumblings in the Forrester Creations fashion house include Xander being tapped to be a model, which is only going to further intensify the chemistry between him and Zoe. It’s like Emma is a fly in the ointment and can’t come close to competing with Zoe when it comes to Xander’s affections. I do wonder how Emma will react upon learning what Xander has been doing behind the scenes with Zoe, not to mention rather her Uncle Justin will get into the mix to seek a bit of vengeance. Justin is no slouch; he might be Bill Spencer’s right hand man, but he has no issue committing heinous deeds to prove a point.

With November sweeps fast approaching, it feels like “The Bold and the Beautiful” is getting back to its roots America. I am so happy that the Steffy, Liam and Hope love triangle is NOT at the forefront of the drama for once.