HOLLYWOOD—You know how you see those trailers for movies that just look so intriguing that you want to see them? “Those Who Wish Me Dead” starring Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie is one of those flicks that actually lives up to the buzz and hype that the movie teased. As a viewer, this movie has a great narrative, wicked villains and a standout role in our protagonist, Hannah Faber (Jolie) as a firefighter dealing with some trauma that has clouded her judgement.

The movie teases an element of nature as an unstoppable beast, in terms of wildfires and how they spread with no care in the world for those in its path. Hannah is recovering from not being able to save a family who were trapped by flames, and that trauma bonds her with Connor Casserly (Finn Little) in a standout role to say the least people. There is some stellar acting here, not only from Jolie, but Little, in addition to wicked turns by Nicholas Hoult and Aidan Gillen. Jon Bernthal also has an entertaining role as Sheriff Ethan Sawyer.

Connor’s father is aware that his life is in danger after learning that his boss and his family were killed in a gas explosion and the journey to protect him and his son because a race to outwit the assassins before it’s too late. It is a bit of a game of cat-and-mouse, but it’s a fun one people. The pacing is palpable, the action is riveting and the villainy it surprised me to say the least. I mean these people will go to great lengths to ensure their tracks are covered and no one speaks about this conspiracy they are tied in. Tyler Perry plays the big boss, but Perry once again doesn’t shine in the acting department. It is way too subtle and is barely a foot note to say the least people.

Director Taylor Sheridan manages to capture the beautiful scenery of nature and stage the action and drama in a way that places the viewer into the movie; it is exciting, it is exhilarating and the tension is like one of those great suspense movies that keeps you hooked, you’re intrigued, you want to know what happens next and the flick does not let up until the big climax. “Those Who Wish Me Dead” is smart storytelling, has a ton of heart, where you care about our protagonists, Hannah and Connor and all those entangled in this crazy mess.

Hoult is just cruel as a villain and it’s a treat to see the actor embrace such chaos and revel in doing so. The actor does evil well just saying people; so it shows a level of range he has that has not always been displayed during his acting career. The action is consistent throughout the movie, it is not fleeting like so many flicks that tout action, but barely give it to the spectator. There have not been many great flicks in 2021 for me so far, but I will admit “Those Who Wish Me Dead” entertained the hell out of me and it was one hell of a ride that I enjoyed from start to finish America and so will you.