UNITED STATES—Have you ever wanted to get your hair styled at a salon, but couldn’t because it was too expensive? Well, I may have the perfect solution for you. Beauty schools are a great option for those of you that want a salon look, at an affordable price, and here’s why:

Reason #1: They’re Affordable

Cosmetology schools offer most services at lower rates than salons, and depending on the salon, some of the services at a school will be much cheaper. For example, a women’s haircut at Salon Tru in Santa Monica, CA costs about 90 dollars and up. However, a haircut and simple style at the Aveda Institute in Los Angeles, CA costs between 19 and 25 dollars depending on the experience level of the student (i.e. Sophomore, Junior, or Senior). This is just one example of how inexpensive beauty schools can be when compared to salons. Some schools even offer special discounts to students in the area, so make sure to look up your local beauty schools to find out their rates and special offers.

Reason #2: They’re Professional

Cosmetology schools often times double as salons, so they will have everything that you would find in a full service salon. They have salon chairs, sinks, appliances, etc.; at least, this has been what I’ve experienced when I have gone to beauty schools for hair services. Additionally, You will also get the benefit of knowing that although the technicians working on you hair, skin or nails, are students, they are supervised by professional instructors to ensure that you are properly treated.

Reason #3: They Offer Many of the Same Services of Professional Salons

You can get a variety of services done at beauty schools that are also offered at salons like haircuts, bleaching, straightening, facials, nails, and more. Some services may not be offered at beauty schools that are offered at full service salons, but, the most popular and typical services should be offered at the cosmetology school of your choice. To make sure, you could usually look up the services list online or call ahead.

Written By Jasmin Rogers