UNITED STATES—Why is it that many of us feel so guilty when we do something for ourselves?  It’s a question that I ask myself time and time again.  I’m a huge giver by heart.  If someone needs it, they can usually come to me to get it, heck most people do.  But for some reason, I always feel guilty or bad when I decide to buy something for myself.  I mean I’ve worked hard all week; I’ve made sacrifices that some people can only imagine.  So I deserve something for myself right?  Damn right.

If you’re someone who works 40 hours a week, you should treat yourself.  If you’re someone who takes care of your children, providing them with every single need they desire, you should treat yourself.  If you’re someone who is constantly doing for others in their time of need, you should treat yourself.  So people like to make a fuss when they see somebody doing something for themselves.  I can not tell you how much it boils my blood when someone attempts to micro-manage my money.

For starters, it’s my money!  I’m the person who went to work and put in 40 plus hours this week, not you.  So what gives you the right to think you can dictate how I choose to spend my money?  You have no say; how about you spend less time worrying about what I’m doing and spend more time focusing on your own financial issues.  People are always concerned with what someone else does with their money because it’s an opportunity for them to take your money to do something for themselves.  How selfish?

This is a declaration to all the honest, hard-working and gracious people in the world.  You’ve worked hard to provide for your family and yourself, do not beat yourself up if you choose to buy a pair of shoes, a gadget, a car or something of your choosing.  If you don’t treat yourself, what are you working for in the first place?

By Trevor Roberts