SAN FRANCISCO—The trial for serial tagger Andrew Yarbrough, 18, has been delayed as Judge Brendan Conroy requests individual testimonies from witnesses.

Yarbrough, better known as tagger “Cryst,” was arrested in March 2015 for his numerous graffiti vandalizations across San Francisco. His most frequent tags were “Cryst” and “sheep. In an interview with Amber Lee of KTVU Channel 2, Yarbrough revealed the words are representative of his attachment to crystal meth, and his views on conformity and gentrification. Yarbrough was arrested at Dolores Park, when a neighboring resident saw him tagging the property and taking pictures of it, admiring his own work. Yarbrough was found with several cans and bottles of paint in his possession at the time of arrest.

San Francisco Police Captain Dan Perea estimates that Yarbrough is responsible for nearly $50,000 worth of damage done to businesses, homes, public transportation areas, and city property. 

Judge Conroy has requested individual testimonies from those who took pictures of Yarbrough’s tags. The individual testimonies are designed to question the true value of damage done by Yarborough, and could potentially downgrade his felony charges to misdemeanors. In order for vandalism to be considered a felony, over $400 worth of damage must have occurred.

According to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, Yarbrough has been charged with 20 misdemeanors, and 10 felonies.

This is not the first time the court has considered downgrading Yarbrough’s felonies to misdemeanors. Yarbrough initially appeared in court on June 24 to request the judge reduce his charges, given that he did not have any other criminal records.

Residents across San Francisco who have been affected by the vandalization have spoken out against Yarbrough’s destruction and defacement of property. Dr. Kathleen Kennedy, one of the owners of Castro Street optometry “For Your Eyes Only” noted that Yarbrough’s tags destroyed a $3,200 awning honoring of the shop’s 25th anniversary shortly after it was erected.

Yarbrough’s sentence has yet to be determined.