HOLLYWOOD—The Tribeca Film Festival is in full force, it began on April 24 and will be end on May 5. Make sure you drink plenty of coffee since the only way to find good movies at Tribeca is to watch them. The task requires long hours and plenty of energy and optimism to find the perfect masterpiece. The film festival was founded in 2002 by Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro and Craig Hatkoff after the events of 9/11. In honor of the festival’s 18th year, here are some movies that should be seen:

“Halston,” is for fashionistas, by filmmaker Frederic Tcheng. The man, the brand, and the iconic designer, Halston is brilliantly portrayed in the film. In his earlier days, he was the designer of Jackie Kennedy’s sensational pillbox hat. His popularity eventually skyrockets to epic proportions. Besides the infamous story of his success, it also delves into the man himself.

For fans of Muhammad Ali, you have “What’s My Name,” the life of a legend by director Antoine Fuqua. From his incomparable athletic career and change-making social activism to his larger- than-life personality. “What’s M Name,” is a stunning achievement in documentary filmmaking. From the highest achievements on an international stage to the most intimate personal moments, new depths of character are revealed of one of the most well-known figures in modern history as director Fuqua immerses the viewer in one of the biggest lives ever lived.

One of the best documentaries to be seen is “Framing John DeLorean.” Delorean’s rise at GM began with the immediate success of the GTO, but he ticked off the suits with his flamboyant style and attitude that eventually forced him out. He was free to develop and build his titular dream car, which debuted in 1981. Amid an economic recession, poor business decisions, mismanagement, and his air of invincibility, the company flopped, which led to his infamous cocaine bust and the revelations of theft. Directors Dan Argott and Sheena Joyce provide a variety of insights from those who worked with him in GM and DeLorean. Actor Alec Baldwin, playing the man himself, adds a deep portrait to the man, innovator and designer. A great film about the auto magnate who got too high on his dream.

An excellent film is “Sublime.” The documentary is about iconic California band; Sublime fused reggae, punk, hip-hop into a new genre-defying new sound that electrified audiences in the mid 90s. The band drew a rabid fanbase around the globe. The film is a celebration of a unique moment that began with beach parties on the Pacific coast and continues today in a worldwide community of fans and musicians who were touched by the eponymous band’s one-of-a-kind sound. The director Bill Guttentag did a great job in this documentary that charts Sublime’s meteoric rise, tragic end, and lasting legacy.

“Wild Rose,” by director Tom Harper does an excellent job in this crowd-pleasing musical adventure about chasing your dreams and discovering yourself, while playfully subverting the audience’s expectations. If you like country music, you will enjoy this movie.

If you love the violin, you’ll enjoy this film “Plucked.” Directed by Joel Van Haren, it highlights the vast cultural value of these instruments. Stradivari violins are some of the most sought after and valuable instruments in the world. With violins from his golden period of 1700 to 1725, it is a rare honor to lay your eyes, or hands, on one. Back in 2014, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Frank Almond was attacked and robbed of the Lipinski Strad-a 1715 Stradivarius violin valued at over $6 million. Time was of the essence when the FBI and the Milwaukee Police Department jumped into action.

Rose’s Scoop: The Jonas Brothers announced their first tour in almost a decade. The Happiness Begins tour will kick off August 7 in Miami, two months after the release of the JoBros’ highly anticipated album, “Happiness Begins.”