SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department announced on Wednesday, October 11 that three suspects were arrested for their role in a fencing operation. The SFPD reported on October 7, officers at the Burglary Unit and Mission Station, in a coordinated effort with our retail loss prevention partners, conducted an undercover operation to investigate and recover suspected stolen items from a known fence location on the 1800 block of Mission Street.

Retail Loss Prevention Officers and SFPD officers identified two illegal street vending booths suspected stolen merchandise displayed for sale. The branded merchandise at these booths was displayed with branded retail store tags, security tags, and/or other identifiable antitheft devices affixed to the clothing.  During their investigation, officers were able to determine that items displayed for sale were stolen from numerous Bay Area retail locations.

Authorities recovered approximately $17,880 worth of stolen retail merchandise and arrested three people who were in possession of these items.

Officers arrested:

-Deysi Ramirez, 59, from San Francisco was booked for 496(a) PC (Possession of Stolen Property), and 182 PC (Conspiracy).

-Veronica Lumbreras Villanueva, 40, from Daly City, was booked for 496(a) PC (Possession of Stolen Property), and 182 PC (Conspiracy).

-Marvin Dick Godoy Calderon, 43, from San Francisco was cited and released for 496(a) PC (Possession of Stolen Property).

“We are working closely with community stakeholders and community members, as well as federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies that are experiencing similar incidents,” the SFPD said in a statement. “We understand that there is a level of organization to these crimes. As a department, we are constantly evaluating crime trends and different ways to combat those trends throughout the city. This includes the redeployment of resources and increased patrols and foot beats in crime hot spots. Ways we combat organized crime is through prevention and disruption.”