“True Blood” Recap: ‘Dead Meat’


HOLLYWOOD—In the aftermath of Nora’s (Lucy Griffiths) death, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) went on a rampage in episode eight, “Dead Meat,” taking a battle against Bill (Stephen Moyer) for not showing up with Warlow (Rob Kazinsky). He did indeed touch some emotional cords within Bill by forcing him to acknowledge his feelings for Sookie (Anna Paquin).

Alcide (Joe Manganiello) was forced with a difficult choice after Ricki decided to challenge Alcide as pack master.  Does this idiot not have any idea of what she’s doing?  Even other members of the tribe questioned her logic.  This forced Ricki to endure one hell of a beating by Alcide, as well as her female counterparts who choose to go against him; let this be a lesson to all werewolves don’t piss Alcide off.

Violet made small talk with Jason (Ryan Kwanten) inside the female vampire prison, declaring her possession of the human being.  That woman has no idea of all the supernatural entities looking to protect him.  Sookie paid Warlow a visit to check on his condition; it looks like Sookie is grappling with a difficult choice, but a decision will have to be made. He bargained the deal, but only if she was willing to be his for eternity. Eric spied on Sookie to get the whereabouts on Warlow’s location and he was pretty damn close to figuring it out.

Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) indulged in her new vampire friend who was inquisitive about her past. Sam (Sam Trammell) returned home and was forced to confront Terry’s death.  He was not in the bit too pleased to see Alcide. Luckily, his former nemesis rescued Nicole and her mom.  Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), Willa, Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Jessica all discovered the ramifications of the human’s plan to drink the ‘true blood.’ Sam did his best to console a worried Nicole (Jurnee Smollett), ensuring her safety.

Sookie had a frightening revelation in the bathroom just as she received an alarming message from Jason about his current predicament. Alcide and Sam bonded over drinks while discussing the fears involving death.  Hmmm, it almost appeared as the writers were hinting that one of these two characters could bite the dust. The ladies did their best to protect Jason from Violet, but it appears they were a bit frightened to confront the lady vamp.  I wonder why? Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) cooked breakfast for Arlene (Carrie Preston), as Andy (Chris Bauer) and Holly continued to provide support. Lafayette dropped the bomb about Terry’s life insurance policy, which completely unnerved Arlene.

Sookie confronted Bill about their deal and he gave her his word that he would not harm Warlow.  She dropped a bomb about Warlow wanting to transform her into a vampire, which didn’t sit well with Sookie.  It’s hard to believe that these two were once smitten with one another.  Sarah (Anna Camp) visited the vampire facility and learned that some of the vamps are not willing to drink the ‘true blood;’ to get the 411, she tortured her ex-husband Steve Newlin.

Sookie interrupted an important moment between Sam and Nicole and comforted her boss.  She confronted Sam about her feelings, just as he revealed that Nicole is pregnant. This guy just isn’t having a great day.  Arlene was forced to deal with the planning of Terry’s funeral and unleashed her fury on his grandmother and sister.  She also spilled the beans about who she thought was responsible for her hubby’s demise.

Sarah found herself in a dicey situation when she was confronted by a feisty businesswoman seeking the whereabouts of Governor Burrell. She was elbowed in her crotch and then attempted to murder the feisty lady.  It was indeed a hilarious catfight to watch.  Oh, Ms. Sarah you have indeed crossed over to the dark side. Sookie’s emotions are all over the place; first she lashes out at her dead parents, and the leaves an alarming message for Jason whom she has no idea regarding his whereabouts. In the end, she decided to accept Bill’s offer.

At the cemetery, Andy’s only remaining daughter fell right into Eric’s trap as he used her to locate Warlow, just as Sookie prepared herself for the moment that she has dreaded the most. Pam, Willa, Violet, Jessica, Tara and Steve found themselves in the white room.  Andy found his little girl attacked again by a vampire; he’s going to go berserk on someone real soon.  Sookie and Bill were not pleased to discover that Warlow was attacked by Eric.  Uh, oh, it looks like a battle to the finish between Eric and Bill.  Until next Sunday “True Blood” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson