“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘Into The Deep’


HOLLYWOOD—Mona’s (Janel Parrish) decision to admit to killing Detective Wilden allowed Ashley (Laura Leighton) a bit of a break in the murder case.  “Into The Deep” saw Mona being heavily questioned by the authorities as to a motive behind killing Wilden.  The police found themselves a bit puzzled by Mona’s admission which was quite convincing to say the least; she even indicated that Wilden was behind Garrett’s murder. Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) found themselves questioned by Mrs. Hastings about Mona’s confession, as things do not appear as they seem.

Aria (Lucy Hale) was stunned to discover that Hanna had plans to confess to Wilden’s murder. She had her hands full with Jake (Ryan Guzman) who stayed the night.  Things are getting serious.  Paige (Lindsey Shaw) where have you been? She reunited with Emily (Shay Mitchell) to discuss plans for the liars’ upcoming birthday.

Ezra (Ian Harding) was not too pleased to see Aria getting cozy with her new beau.  What can you expect the two have so much history with each other.  He was not happy to hear from Maggie that she may be moving to Washington for a teaching gig.  Such a fatal blow after just being reunited with the son he never knew about.

Ashley was granted bail thanks to Mona’s little stunt, but at the price of $1 million.  Emily met with an esteemed swimming coach who dashed her swimming dreams.  Hanna paid a visit to Pastor Ted to discuss her mother’s impending situation and divulged details of her mother’s bail. She kinda asked for the Mona without actually saying the words.  She does indeed play a damsel in distress.

Ezra battled with Maggie over Malcolm’s primary guardianship.  Jenna discussed with Shana a secret that she is harboring about Alison’s whereabouts.  Hmm, I thought Alison was dead, but maybe not.  I wonder what Spencer and Aria will do with this new information. Someone posted Ashley’s bail!  Hanna was ecstatic to have her mom at home, but I don’t think her father posted the bail, it was Ted!

Aria and Spencer planned for Emily’s surprise birthday party with a good idea to pry some information from Jenna because of her current predicament regarding her sight. Ezra met with Mrs. Hastings about a family lawyer to perhaps fight for custody for his son. Things could get ugly and it looks like Malcolm could perhaps not be Ezra’s son. I always suspected that, but why would Maggie go to such great lengths to keep it secret, than cave in out of the blue.

Jake showed up to the party with a female friend making Aria a bit jealous.  Emily was not too pleased with the surprise party, which threw Paige off a bit. Ted stopped by to see Ashley and brought pie along with him as the duo played catch-up. Jenna was not happy about spending time with the liars, just as Spencer discovered that Jake may be two-timing her BFF.

Emily and Paige hashed out their problems and differences and the ladies admitted that their relationship might crumble if there is too much distance between them.  It was indeed an emotional moment as they came to grips with reality. Aria and Spencer devised a plan to attempt to split up Jenna and Shana. Hanna received a call from Mona who was seen packing a bag; looks like Mona is heading out of town. Aria and Jake discussed the issues revolving their ‘relationship,’ which caused her to lose tabs on Jenna and Shana.

Aria confronted Jenna about Alison, who was resistant to divulging any details to her frenemy. Ashley told Ted about her history with Detective Wilden. Is it possible that Ted was behind Wilden’s murder?  If so why would he allow Ashley to take the fall?  Aria and Emily went searching for Spencer, but were halted by Jake.  Emily screamed when she found Jenna in the water; looks like someone tried to take out the one person who may have the goods on Alison or what happened to her.

Emily realized that blood was on her wrist meaning that someone attempted to murder Jenna.  Hanna chatted with her mom who admitted that Ted raised the bail money, not her father.  She didn’t seem too surprised by the news. Emily pondered thoughts about Jenna, as a defensive Paige kept her guard up.  Whoa, did Paige try to kill Jenna? Spencer paid Shana a visit at the hospital to question her about Jenna’s whereabouts; she divulged that Alison is dead, and that Jenna is afraid of CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray)! The lady who appears to be the big mystery this season is back in the mix. Mona returned to her original staple grounds inside Radley Sanitarium.  Just what the hell is Mona up to?

During the final moments ‘Red Coat’ was seen snooping around the DiLaurentis house and snuck inside through the porch. “A” was seen playing a piano and delivering some sheet music to Toby, as a puddle of blood, perhaps wine was seen on the floor.  It appears red coat and “A” are two different people, the bigger question is whether they’re working together.  With only three episodes left the summer finale is sure to shock audiences.  Until next week “PLL” fanatics!

By LaDale Anderson