HELLO AMERICA!—After viewing, listening and reading much of what Donald Trump was erupting with for public consumption, I decided to approach of few of his former stars, especially ones of color, from his TV series “The Apprentice” and see what they might feel about their former “boss,” now that he is vying for the office of president of our country.

It was not surprising to find that none of them wanted to be identified. However, they were eager to express what they felt his reason for his decision. One of the most out spoken female Apprentice members quickly let her feelings known.

“Listen, Mr. Trump is one of the most ambitious men I’ve ever known. To him it’s all about numbers, promotion, marketing, selling the idea! As for his being a racist, that’s a lot of bull. He is one of the most caring, giving guys I’ve ever met in this business. He doesn’t just talk about help people, he goes and does it but he does it in his own way! And I really believe he has another reason for all this hoopla and it has to do with money. That is what he’s about, simple as that.”

Another “Apprentice” alumnus offered: “I look at Donald as a man consumed with business, he eats, sleeps and breathes it. It’s who he is. When I read and saw how the KKK embraced him, I could see Trump laughing at it because he wants to see how far he can take this thing, it’s simply another challenge, something he really enjoys. Frankly, I believe the plan is when this thing is over and if he doesn’t win the November election, he will produce a major motion picture about the whole trip.

All the craziness, the insanity, the characters that came out of the woodwork, the sudden explosion or rebirth of southern bigotry, hatred and resentment for those who feel the south should NOT rise again. It will be an international major film attraction and yes a giant money maker! Another kind of Mike Todd who had the same kind of energy and marketing genius. Mark my word, Trump knows exactly what he’s doing.”

When approaching a few of the other former “Apprentice” members, they seemed to agree that Trump always has numerous reasons for investing his time in any project. He loves being the center of the attraction and he is absolutely brilliant at making every move he makes to the winning circle, one that is filled with surprises and making others believe that it could never have happened without their dedication and loyalty.

It would not be surprising at all to suddenly see a marquee that reads: Donald Trump Crowned King