HOLLYWOOD—It is the news that fans of “Days of Our Lives” knew would soon come, the death of titan Victor Kiriakis. Yes, Victor’s plane went missing and the news soon arrived to Salem that Victor was gone and it is a devastating blow for the Kiriakis clan, which includes Justin, Sonny, Alex, Maggie, Julie, Shawn and so many more.

When an iconic character like Victor Kiriakis bids adieu it leaves Salem in so much disarray. Remember people, Victor is Bo’s father, who still is in a coma in a location unbeknownst to others to protect him from Megan who is still on the loose. Maggie is an emotional mess with the news, as it has a direct impact on her goal to bring the family back together. She is at odds with Alex, who finally confessed to Stephanie why he has been so distant. Justin has found himself stepping to the plate to be the patriarch of the family now that Victor has been confirmed dead from the plane crash.

Alex is in need of support and got a bit from Stephanie, where he spilled he was distant as a direct result of Chad telling him to back off. Yeah, Chad, not the smartest move to take advice from EJ DiMera who is not loyal to a single person in the town of Salem. Chad, just a bit of advice, I would not listen to any of my siblings. Kristen is the last person to take advice from. Was Chad a bit blunt in his approach with Alex? Yes, but with Victor’s passing, it is helping him bond even more with Stephanie, so it does appear the writers are pushing this love triangle even if it’s not particularly wanted.

Kristen has Rachel living with her which is absolute agony for Brady who considered fleeing with his daughter in tow, but John advised against that. However, Kristen might have another problem: Gabi Hernandez. Gabi overheard a conversation Rachel had with Kristen about Dimitri and his new wife and a secret. It got Gabi’s mind spinning and she started asking questions to Rachel. Hmm, is this how Gabi Hernandez leaves Salem by exposing Dimitri’s secret?

Speaking of Dimitri, I cannot fathom how Gwen cannot see that Leo and Dimitri are up to something. I mean Leo just happens to be at the same location of Iceland while you’re on your honeymoon. He is caught in the same room as your hubby who is supposedly ill. Gwen open your eyes already, you’re being played for a fool!

Brady did indeed plant a solid kiss on Chloe who made it clear she just wants to be friends, but she is mulling that proposal from Xander, who finally discovered Sarah is pregnant. Xander immediately suspected the child was his, but Sarah was adamant that Rex is the father. However, Maggie and Justin already know the truth, but will they spill to Xandy? This led to Chloe accepting Xander’s marriage proposal and Sarah accepting Rex’s marriage proposal. It is never good when people accept second best when they can actually have what they want if they just disclose the truth.

Things will only become more complicated with the return of Phillip who comes back to Salem to pay tribute to his father, Victor. This is a problem because Phillip was presumed dead, and Kate has known all along and kept it secret. So imagine Brady and Chloe’s response when they discover the truth, oh, it is going to be World War III. Hopefully this time around, the writers can find a way to utilize the character in a more potent way and not pinning after Chloe who just doesn’t mesh with Phillip, and how he plans to get out of Brady wanting a pound of flesh for setting him up for ‘murder’ is another issue.

Abe is trying to get his position as Mayor back from Clint Rawlings, but his memory is not fully in tact to tackle such a task people. Shawn is being forced to tackle Rawlings demands in order to maintain his position as Police Commissioner, even though Jada and Rafe both agree Jada should have been given the opportunity for the position considering her stellar record (besides sleeping with Rafe). Yeah, Shawn’s a drunk, why would he get a promotion? Makes absolutely no sense at all.

The blackmail is on, as Melinda is concerned that Paulina potentially being appointed Mayor of Salem could cost her to lose her job as District Attorney. She wanted Sloan to represent Li, but she refused and then the threat of exposing the truth about Nicole’s baby came to light. Sloan decided to spill the truth, but ah-ha, she had a medical crisis, one that I expected that will result in a potential miscarriage. I saw this coming from a million miles away, which will only force Sloan to keep the secret that she was hoping to spill and if you expected a surprise from the “DOOL” writers, you’re not getting that.