UNITED STATES—I have to, I mean I have to talk about this. I’ve warned so many people in the past about the dangers of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, but the big one seems to be Twitter. Nowadays, everyone is so quick to put their two cents on any situation on Twitter; however, I’m having the biggest problem with President Donald Trump continuing to utilize the social media platform. Not because he shouldn’t have the right to do so, but he’s engaging in fodder that is quite silly in my opinion as our fearless leader.

The older you get the wiser you get in my personal opinion, I do honestly believe when you are younger words can absolutely get the best of you, but with age, you begin to realize that they are just words, and while they can hurt, you have to be willing to turn the other cheek and simply not entertain the negativity being thrown at you.

I mean Trump has been going on a tirade with the ‘fake news’ movement, against CNN and so many other media outlets. I mean he has his right to his opinion, and at the same time a person can take only so many personal attacks, before they feel compelled to respond or acknowledge them to some degree. Last week Trump went back and forth with Mika Brzezinski and Joseph Scarborough. Things got pretty ugly people, and as always personal attacks were lauded.

My biggest concern for adults is that when we do these types of things, what message are we sending to our kids? When such behavior is seen of this magnitude by the POTUS and adults who are in the public sphere, we’re saying it’s okay to indulge in bullying via social media. Why can’t we have adult conversations where we discuss an issue as mature people? Why all this back and forth, that allows the public to see everything and witness everything you feel or think about a public situation.

Not only does it complicate the situation, but you allow more people to get involved in the melee and begin to share their thoughts on the matter. Before you know it one person finds themselves being attacked by 20 or more people on a single issue. Simply put, stop getting into feuds with people on social media. It’s stupid; it’s immature and utter nonsense. People are always and I mean always going to have something to say about something, and you can’t pay attention to everything that people say. Sometimes you have to let it go, and allow things to fall off your shoulder. Don’t give people power over you because that’s what they want in the long run.

As the President of the United States, Donald Trump can deliver a massive message by not engaging in these Twitter wars. He can show others that he is taking the high road and not willing to entertain their tactics or personal attacks against him. Why allow someone the satisfaction of knowing that they got underneath your skin? It’s made even easier with social media nowadays, which is just another form of bullying, which happens online and can be viewed by all. To be honest, online bullying is much worse than face-to-face bullying because it spreads like a plague in my opinion.

I’m advocating for the life in me, please America stop engaging in these Twitter wars, actions speak louder than words. Show that you can be the better person and take that negative energy being thrown at you and turn it into something positive that can improve your life, the lives of the people around you or the world.