HOLLYWOOD—I always find it fascinating when a face from the past returns to the canvas and creates just utter chaos. Well that was the case on the ABC soap “General Hospital,” because after weeks of teasing, Cesar Faison made his epic return to Port Charles and the mastermind was out for blood. First, he made the skin crawl on his devotee and former lover Dr. Liesl Obrecht. I mean Obrecht is a wicked woman to say the least, especially after her role in Robin’s kidnapping amongst other things. However, she has turned over a new leaf recently, but keeping the truth about Nathan from Cesar was a bad idea.

He kidnapped Liesl, as well as Lulu and locked both in the barnyard on Wyndemere and left the gas running. As a result, Liesl and Lulu found themselves in grave danger, but a clue from Spencer may have been their saving grace. Back to Faison, he couldn’t return to Port Charles without paying a visit to his beloved Anna Devane. However, he never expected to come face-to-face with her new love, Finn. As a result, Finn found himself being held captive, just as Faison and Anna came face-to-face. Oh, this was a wonderful scene to watch. Anna was overcome with fear and dread.

Her skin was crawling knowing the guy who has tormented her for YEARS, was suddenly back in her life and desperate to pick up where they last left off. Anna and Faison both played mental games with one another, before Anna knocked Finn out cold to ensure Faison did not harm him. With Faison on the run, Anna turned her attention to focusing on nabbing Faison other son, who still hasn’t been 100 percent confirmed, but my instincts point directly to Peter August.

However, there is one thing that I find alarming about that theory: Faison didn’t seem that receptive when he came face-to-face with Peter at Crimson. I mean if Peter was indeed Faison’s son, I’m almost certain he would recognize and spot him, right? However, it seemed that meeting in the hospital bed with Cesar and Peter finally confirmed the truth, Peter is indeed Henrik and Cesar’s other son. It was interesting to see Faison shake in his boots at seeing Henrik face-to-face, oh the irony America. Henrik wanted revenge and implemented procedures to murder his father before he could spill the beans to everyone else about his true identity.

For those of us expecting an over-the-top dramatic confrontation between Faison and Nathan, audiences did not receive that. Nathan on a mission to save Maxie who was being held hostage by Faison at Crimson was greeted with a bullet to the chest. I will admit Friday’s episode of “General Hospital” was action-packed and full of surprises and plenty of twists along the way. Dare I say it was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in quite some time! What more can one ask for? How about Faison taking Carly hostage, just as Jason finally came face-to-face with the man who shot him in the back, tossed him in the pier and stole nearly 5 years of his life. Jason wanted blood and he delivered a bullet to Faison.

Cue the dramatics because Faison was down, but not out, the same applies for Nathan, where both father and son where rushed to General Hospital with loved ones and enemies hoping for a miracle. In a tearjerker moment, Nathan felt his unborn child kick, before telling Maxie he loved her before dying. Yes, “GH” fans Detective Nathan West is no more! It was a gut-wrenching episode, as Maxie, Nina, Liesl, Dante, Amy and so many other PC residents learned that Nathan was no longer in the flesh. This was some stellar acting on multiple fronts, especially from Kristen Storms.

Faison has been the talk of the town, now with Jason and Drew both looking for answers from an evil mastermind. Anna was close to coming face-to-face with Henrik aka Peter, but Jason’s sudden arrival spooked the guy, but Anna got Faison talking, talking about his other son who was secretly connected to the Cassadine family.

That immediately caught my interest. Well isn’t that an interesting development, Faison shot Peter, but the bullet did no damage because he was wearing a bullet proof vest. To protect further questioning, Peter burned the evidence, but I’m now suspecting that maybe VALENTIN is more intertwined in this melee than expected. What does that mean? His happily ever-after could soon come crashing down.

Other things are rumblings in town with Alexis throwing her hat into the ring to go against her friend Ned. Some of you might be asking what about Laura? Yes, what about Laura, well apparently the powers that be at GH has decided to not renew Genie Francis’ contract and she is off the canvas now. Wow, not only was that unexpected, but to hype up such a riveting storyline to just jet off a character because her grandson broke both of his legs was beyond disappointing. Fans are in uproar and they have reason to be, but my guess is with all the high-caliber talent on the soap, some actors and actresses are making quite a bit and budget cuts must be in play.

February sweeps haven’t even kicked off, so with Nathan out, the big mystery remains: what Faison knew, just what Henrik knows that he has NOT revealed and how is the Cassadine clan linked to this mayhem. We’ve wanted answers for years, and it looks like we might finally get those answers in the coming weeks, fingers crossed!