SAN FRANCISCO—Officers from the Oakland Police Department arrested two men after a fatal shooting near Lake Merritt that occurred on June 19. The OPD said in a news conference that two gangs were present during the shooting and multiple shooters were involved.

Police responded to an incident report regarding gunshots at Brooklyn and Lakeshore Avenues at approximately 6:34 p.m. on June 19, according to Citizen. Seven victims suffered gunshot wounds and one victim was pronounced deceased.

“We had 28 officers there to actually assure that the lake was safe. We didn’t anticipate that someone would come, or many people would come to violate this sacred space,” said OPD Chief LeRonne L. Armstrong in a news conference. “We have to be appreciative of the officer’s quick response to address this.”

Officers arrested two men who were running from the scene who currently do not appear to be related to the actual shooting but were carrying two firearms, said Chief Armstrong in a news conference. Lieutenant Sanchez of the OPD said some of the victims were tied to two gangs in San Francisco and there is no evidence that either gang are from Oakland.

“There were a large number of firearms at the lake on that day. People continue to come to this city of Oakland armed with firearms,” said Chief Armstrong in a news conference. “We have to make sure the city of Oakland is communicating that it is not okay to come to our city with guns to solve confrontation through the use of firearms.”

Lieutenant Sanchez said there appeared to be a gang or group feud going on and these individuals may have met during the festivities at the lake. Evidence from the community including surveillance footage, cell phone recordings, and information from individuals calling the anonymous tip line is being collected to aid in the investigation.

Anyone with information regarding the shooting incident is asked to call the OPD’s Homicide division at (510) 238-3821.