HELLO AMERICA!─If your name on a marquee means success for a film than any studio of note will stop at nothing to get that actor before the camera. The coronavirus forced Hollywood productions and studios to close all their stages down and placed all their films on hold until it is safe for the crews and actors to work.  However, we have learned that unlike Hollywood, the studios in England are exempt from film quarantine rules. This, of course, affects international productions to get underway. However, the exemption only applies to those traveling to England. Those involved with a film produced there will work in controlled “bubbled” environments that will include their production and accommodation location.

The UK government’s Culture Secretary has approached Tom Cruise how the exemption will allow the production of the next installments in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise to move forward at the Warner Bros. Studio Leavesden in Hertfordshire, as well as “Jurassic World: Dominion” and “The Batman” which could also return to production.

The UK Arts Department is set to receive $2 billion dollars from the government; the deal also includes $1 billion in grants for the financial year to April 2021.  The package will be shared between theaters, music ventures, museums, galleries and independent cinemas.

Tom Cruise let it be known he has always enjoyed working in England. He is looking forward to his next “Mission” adventure.  Let’s face it, American producers will not be left behind, one way or the other they will create the necessary “bubble” to continue their respective film projects.

IT WAS EXTREMELY sad to hear that my friend of many years RUTA LEE has lost her wonderful husband WEB who has been ill for over two years.  He was always extremely supportive of every creative effort his beautiful gifted wife and I slaved over to bring to life. The last time we were together was when the crew and I were at their canyon home shooting a segment with our beautiful Miss Lee for one of our television episodes.  At one point he quietly entered the room, smiled, waved at me, and then left. Remembering that moment seemed and was rather important to me. Web was one of a kind, a special “prince” in so many human ways. I will miss my friend, that’s for sure.

RICH CARSON, tennis champion who also has most of the San Francisco area under his magical hand called to tell me that the virus has not stopped his students from wanting to hit the courts to maintain their passion for the game.

“They all come wearing a mask and even rubber gloves,” he said. “They love tennis so much they would do anything, no matter what the rules are to stay alive as a player!” Carson noted that not only young players have been begging to hit the courts but the older senior players as well. “It is something that many of them have dedicated their time and talent for many years. It is very inspiring. I am lucky to be able to make their lives complete.”