UNITED STATES—Being grateful is a trait that many Americans lack, but I’m starting to see this transpire more and more in the younger generation. Now, I’m not picking a fight with the millennials per say considering that I fall into that category slightly. However, why is it that you can do a ton of things for an individual, yet, they still find themselves not wanting to give a bit of gratitude to the person who has done something for them, or saved them from a sticky situation?

It’s because we are spoiling our kids to a degree that by the time you realize it, it’s already way too late people. If a child becomes spoiled at a very early age, it becomes very difficult to break that habit because a child is not willing to give up that freedom or perk of getting what he or she wants all the time. That same sentiment as a child echoes as the individual grows to become an adult.

So what brings this tale to life? A spoiled little brat, who doesn’t seem to understand the word ‘respect,’ let alone the importance of being grateful! Most people in their life are LUCKY if they can get their parents to purchase them one car, if you get two you’re REALLY lucky, now 3 cars, that just epic; your parents absolutely love you. So imagine my frustration when I discover my little brother has sabotaged (because I’m certain his last vehicle didn’t just die on its own) his latest car, and now has a brand-spanking new car, yet complains about the dumbest crap.

Dude, you have your third vehicle within 4 years. You have to be freaking kidding me. Like, most people are lucky if they get a new vehicle every 4-5 years, you’re on a system where you’re getting one every year or so. Now, this is where I’m proud of my parents because they put the gauntlet down this time around. It’s all up to him to ensure that he pays his car note every month. Yup, time to become an adult; if you want a car it comes with a cost: responsibility.

You can’t just expect people to continually fork out money to you, yet you don’t appreciate things one single bit. I think he was not too happy about that, but in my mind I’m telling myself: you have a full-time job; why in the hell would you expect your parents to pay for a third car for you? I mean they only paid for the first two vehicles you had?

To make things even sweeter, his aunt has even decided to pay his car insurance for the first 6 months. Wow, I mean I know people who would die to have that happen to them, yet, this ungrateful little twerp just keeps asking for more and more and more.

Are we becoming a nation, where we don’t understand the importance of teaching kids, teens and young adults that in life nothing comes to you without putting in the work. However at the same time, one has to be willing to acknowledge those who have offered to assist them in their time of need. Don’t be ambivalent to what is happening around you because if you dismiss a person who extended their hand to you, it won’t happen a second time. I find it so odd that so many people are not grateful for the things they have in life and the favors that people do for them to help put better perspective in their lives. Remember what you have today, can easily to taken from you, as fast as a person snaps their finger. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way people.