UNITED STATES— This is the latest update.  On Friday, May 14, Michigan audit attorney, Matt Deperno had his office broken into.  This is reportedly the latest of attacks on the attorney in the audit of the 2020 Michigan Presidential election.

Prior to this, Deperno reportedly received threats and was advised to discontinue the audit. More information was reported on the Telegram link below.



On May 8, constitutional lawyer, Matthew DePerno, reported on the Steven Bannon Show that over 1,000 ballots in Antrim County, Michigan never appeared on voter rolls.

DePerno, who is representing William Bailey, reports that a December 2020 recount in Antrim County had close to 100 percent participation in the 2020 Presidential election. According to DePerno, the December elections resulted in a tally of 15,962 ballots, with only 14,901 votes appeared in the Michigan Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson’s database.
A total of 1,061 votes are missing from Michigan voter rolls.

Canyon News contacted the office of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel for more information on the ongoing inquiries into the 2020 Presidential election and asked for information regarding letters indicating that three members of the Michigan legislature be held accountable regarding no voter fraud and that these were false accusations.

Courtney Covington Watkins from External Affairs in the Office of Public Information and Education of the Michigan Department of Attorney General Dana Nessel stated:

“As the case you referenced is currently before the court, we do not have a comment to offer on pending litigation.”

In a YouTube video, DePerno explains what a phantom voter is. It is when a ballot is submitted by someone who does not exist or does exist and does not even know they voted.

DePerno suggests there are ways to find out who phantom voters are including mass mailings. The returned mail for people no longer living at an address is one action that can be taken, as well as death records.

“People that have expired seem to have really good longhand,” stated DePerno in regards to signature verification.

Death records can reveal a phantom voter has a signature match to a deceased individual.

According to reports, the recount of ballots done in December 2020 involved the same faulty dominion machines that allegedly may be accessed easily to change votes.

On November 4, 2020, former President Trump filed a lawsuit against Michigan SOS Jocelyn Benson. The case was dismissed without an investigation.


In an affidavit signed by Judge Cynthia Diane Stephens in the Court of Claims, Stephens called the evidence presented, “supplemental evidence” saying it was, “inadmissible as hearsay.”


A forensic audit in the state of Michigan has not been completed and the election remains unresolved.