UNITED STATES—You’ve bought a house and plan to make a renovation? You simply want to freshen up the interior, but don’t know where to start? 

It doesn’t matter if you are willing to add something new to an existing room or furnish it from scratch – determining the design is key. The selected style will guide you in the right direction from the starting point to the finish line. In this article, we have collected tips for choosing a design. Follow them to turn square meters into your island of calmness.

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Follow The Muse

Start by looking for inspiration. To decide on the design, colors, and finishing materials, surf the net to collect some references.

Begin your searches with thematic platforms, magazines, or personal sites of well-known designers. Besides, Pinterest and Instagram will also come in handy. Figure out what is common in all these pictures that caught your attention (the color palette, layout, etc). Save all references to develop your taste and vision of the dream room.

Don’t be afraid to save photos of expensive interiors with palace ceilings, industrial western lofts, or designer exclusives. Of course, you probably won’t copy them fully, but you certainly can use some particular solutions and feel the place’s spirit.

Expand Your Horizons

No doubt, looking at pictures may not be enough. Go for a real-life experience – visit a design studio, a thematic exhibition, or a store with furniture and finishing materials.

Notice the design wherever you are. Whether it’s a nearby cafe or your friend’s house. Furniture coverings, wallpaper patterns, bamboo blinds – every place has something extraordinary to offer. 

Collect as much information as you can. For example, ask your friends if they are okay with cleaning their fluffy white carpet, if glossy kitchen cabinets are practical in use, and if dust is visible on their new glass table.

Pick Out A Style

By choosing the best interior solutions, you might feel like a kid in a candy store and it’s absolutely fine. Therefore, take a look at the style guide – each assumes a specific color scheme, materials, and decor. Here are some of the most popular ones today.


  • Aged wood furniture (oak, chestnut, walnut), both light and dark.
  • Forged iron pieces (chandeliers, bookshelves, flower pot holders, chair backs).
  • Main shades – white, golden, green, blue.
  • Floral prints on curtains, tablecloths, and towels.
  • A wide variety of souvenirs, figurines, caskets, and vases.

It is often chosen by romantic and dreamy people living in spacious apartments with beautiful views.


Nordic countries are used to harsh climates and long winters. Scandinavian houses of pastel shades and natural materials are designed to give their owners a feeling of coziness and warmth. White is key here: it fills the rooms with light, reflecting the sun’s rays. It is better to leave windows without textiles or opt for translucent fabrics: it can be cotton or linen. 

Complement the interior with rugs, lampshades, and decorative pillows in bright colors. Plus, don’t forget about wood carvings with plants and animals.


You are definitely familiar with this style – many loft spaces are rented out for offices and parties. The main features are high ceilings, huge windows, brick walls, open pipes, and ventilation systems. Reproduce the loft interior following the basic rules: 

  • The room should resemble an industrial or warehouse space.
  • Go for concrete walls, untreated wood, and brickwork.
  • Don’t cover heating radiators, pipes, and wiring.
  • A bar counter and high chairs will fit in perfectly.
  • Wall decor has to be minimalistic: a poster or large photograph will be enough.


  • As a rule, metal, plastic, and glass are used for finishing.
  • The main colors are white, black and grey.
  • High tech is known for an abundance of reflective surfaces.
  • Choose a bed with built-in lighting.
  • High tech assumes almost no decor – even mirrors are frameless.
  • Add a few black and white photos on the walls, abstract paintings, or houseplants in trendy metal pots.

Feel Free to Experiment

Are you inspired by both hi-tech and vintage? It’s not a dilemma, but a chance to express yourself and create something unique. First, find the basis for the interior and then complement the chosen direction with extra details in a different style. 


When deciding on a color scheme, choosing neutral shades seems to be the right decision. In fact, using bright accents is not so risky. Just remember the golden rule of combining colors. It is better to choose 5 shades, 3 of which will be the main, and 2 – additional. This way, you can create a harmonious color scheme that is essential for your psychological comfort.


The type of lighting and the number of light sources can change the apartment beyond recognition. Try to make the light scheme diversified, including LED strips as well. With their help, you can divide the room into functional areas.


Think about zones you want to have in your room (a workplace, a library, a corner with plants, or an area for stretching). To accommodate the maximum functionality and not to clutter up the room, use some ergonomic interior solutions. 

For example, partitions can easily turn one room into two or more functional zones. Besides, you can divide it with the help of colors, finishing materials, furniture, and decor elements.


You have probably managed to find your style already – for example, the way you dress up. Having answered the question of who you are, it’s easier to determine which room you want to live in. Forget about rules and trends, plunge into yourself – this is your real home. And it will be reflected in the design of your room. Good luck with creating your little heaven!