SAN FRANCISCO—Urban Alchemy, the non-profit opened a new office on Sunday, June 23 at Jessie and 6th Street in San Francisco. To celebrate the opening, Urban Alchemy held a block party. The new office will be able to hire up to 900 people. 

Founded in 2018 by Lena Miller, Urban Alchemy hires former long-term offenders to clean the city through several of their programs in San Francisco. 

The programs include the Pit Stop Program, BART Elevator Practitioners, San Francisco Clean Program, Civic Center Commons Practitioners, Zendesk Food Trucks Programs, and the San Francisco Department of Parks and Recreation’s Park Stop Program. 

Employees of the nonprofit provide services to the city to keep it running including keeping bathrooms clean throughout the day and night, ensuring the BART elevators are working, and providing food to the local homeless population. 

Urban Alchemy is currently working with the Los Angeles skid row committee to bring the nonprofit contractor there in the future.