UNITED STATES—Well, Friday, January 20, 2017 was Inauguration Day. Yep, after 8 years, President Barack Obama’s duties as the First Commander of Chief officially came to an end and Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. It was a decisive day for many Americans. Some tuned into the live swearing in of the new POTUS, while others chose not to participate in the patriotic duties that has now come a tradition in American culture.

I must acknowledge that Inauguration Day was no big deal in American pop culture until 2008 when President Barack Obama was ushered in. It was a historic moment and because of that I think almost any American who could attend President Obama’s swearing in, made it their mission to be in Washington D.C. Now, it seems people are in the midst of the compare and contrast element when it comes to Inauguration Day. Look, Donald J. Trump is the new president of the United States. It is something that many Americans are not totally happy about. And everyone has their opinion to feel the way they want.

While, I’m no avid Trump supporter, he is the POTUS, and because of that I feel the need to give this guy some sort of chance. I don’t want to see Trump fail cause if he fails it is going to have an epic impact on the American people. Not just in terms of jobs, economics, education, foreign policy, but so many other things that have to be taken into consideration. Respect is indeed something that has to be earned and Trump has to do a lot acknowledge his past sins and try to bring a level of unity to the American people.

Trump said outrageous, rude, discriminatory and quite frankly, disturbing comments during his campaign, that at some point in the coming weeks he will have to acknowledge. I mean I can’t recall the last time the nation was in such a divide, and I mean divide over the POTUS. There is no in-between; there are those who hate and those who adore the current Commander-in-Chief.

That has to change people. I’m posing the question as to what kind of dialogue we can have to change a situation that appears never-ending and dire to something where a possible glimmer of hope or positive energy could revitalize Americans.

I honestly think Trump needs to publicly acknowledge the demoralizing and shameful comments he made during his campaign. He did indeed say from hateful and bad things and the only way to address the issue is to acknowledge them, not hide from them. The more you hide the guiltier one looks. I did take a few minutes on Friday to watch a glimpse of President Trump’s swearing in.

I thought Trump gave a powerful speech to the American people, but I thought the speech was missing a bit of humility from the new leader. I really, really wanted him to address the elephant in the room about his previous commentary that has left so many people worried or concerned about their livelihood. There were tons of protests, but what I would call a movement by all women and men across the country pledging a fight to the American public about the importance of fighting for women’s rights. And I must admit this is something Trump should take notice to.

I mean the fact that he sent that tweet over the weekend in response to the millions of women including tons of celebrities who participated in the festivities was alarming. C’mon Trump, you’re the POTUS, all those petty comments or sarcastic comments being made via social media NEED to stop. You’re a better man than this! Show this to the American public; show us that unity is in the works. You are the President, it’s time to start acting like it.