UNITED STATES—This feels like a dangerous path that we might be traveling down in the country right now. The Coronavirus pandemic is nearing 2 years in action, and many companies, local, state and federal agencies are mandating that workers get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs. Now I get what people are going to say, you don’t have a right to a job and that is 100 percent correct, but mandating people to take a vaccine that they may not be certain about I find problematic.

The big issue so many people have about taking the COVID-19 vaccine is that it seemed to be produced in record time. How was a cure for this deadly virus discovered so quickly, yet we can’t find a cure for Diabetes, HIV, AIDS, Parkinson’s, Dystonia and a host of other ailments that have been prevalent in this country for years, decades. Of course people will make the argument that pharmaceutical companies thrive on the selling of medicine to deal with such conditions, and the same could be said for the COVID-19 vaccine. Americans are not being charged now, but that doesn’t mean it may not happen in the near future.

Someone is going to profit off the vaccine if they are NOT already profiting from it. I just cannot fathom a company telling I have to put something in my body that I may not be comfortable with or I lose my job. It seems the religious exemption is even being thrown out by some companies and for those who already have ailments that could cause friction with the vaccine. If we’re starting to do vaccine mandates in the employment arena for COVID-19, why haven’t that mandate been implemented for the flu?

I have heard from some people that the flu shot is required at some companies, but it seems like people I know who got the flu shot ran into a situation of soon after catching the flu. This is not to say it happens to everyone, but then hearing the argument that you got a different strain of the flu is bogus for me. What is the point of getting a flu shot if it’s not going to protect me from the flu?

The same is starting to be echoed with the COVID-19 vaccine, where people who are fully vaccinated are still contracting COVID-19. I mean now we’re at the point where people are encouraged and being told to get booster shots. If the vaccine is supposed to be 90 plus percent effective for the Moderna and Pfizer, why is a booster needed. With vaccines being mandated by many companies, what is next? Are we going to dictate hairstyles, clothing, glasses, cars, I mean let’s be honest is there a limit to what will transpire next?

We don’t know and I just don’t like the fact that people are being FORCED to do something that they may not be comfortable with. I know there is this belief that we’ll get everyone fully vaccinated and I do not believe it, it NOT going to happen and to those who think it they should think otherwise. When we travel down the road of mandating things especially in medicine it becomes a bit dangerous because it leads to that question, what is next.

Written By Zoe Mitchell