HOLLYWOOD—The last few episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” have not been as fascinating as one would hope them to be, but the series made up for all of that on Thursday’s episode “Catch Me If You Can.”  The episode opened with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) threatening Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) to do his bidding in killing vampires to complete the hunter’s mark.  Damon (Ian Somerhalder) didn’t help the situation as he egged on Klaus’ ego.  Matt (Zach Roerig) has become bait for the vampires as they attempted to get to the lake house, thankfully Elena (Nina Dobrev) showed up as back-up.

Rebekha (Claire Holt) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) played house as buddies searching for the cure. Bonnie (Kat Graham) was frustrated with her newfound powers as Shane continued to manipulate the young teen’s mind.  Foolish puppy love!  Jeremy and Damon stumbled upon Kol who killed all the vampires Klaus created, preventing the growth of the hunter’s mark.

He’s hell bent on preventing Silas from being unearthed; looks like the original vampires do indeed fear something.  Stefan and Rebekha went on a treasure hunt, searching for Silas’ headstone. Bonnie was not too pleased to see Shane being questioned by authorities for his involvement in the Founder’s Council deaths.  The twist was the fact that he revealed the truth to Bonnie, which I’m inclined to believe is apart of his master plan, only Shane has no idea just how deadly Bonnie can be if pushed too far.

Elena had to suck up her pride and ask for his assistance to stop Kol from his murderous rampage.  Kol compelled Damon to kill Jeremy Gilbert!  Whoa, things are getting interesting.  Elena and Jeremy had a brother sibling bout, where Jeremy’s hunger to kill nearly took over his body.  It was quite fun to see both Stefan and Rebekha rekindle old memories.

A mystery man discovered Silas’ headstone for Rebekha and Stefan who questioned the mystery party, that would not divulge any information, he even killed himself to make sure no information was disclosed as to who sent him. Bonnie was not too pleased with Shane’s deception; a dark side that we’ve known has been brewing in Bonnie for quite some time, it started to unveil itself, just as Shane toyed with her psyche.  Damon spotted Jeremy from a distance and began his onslaught to dispatch of the hunter, frightening Elena.  It was a treat to see Bonnie torture Shane and have her dark side take over.  He really opened a door that he may not be able to close.

Damon and Jeremy battled one-on-one.  Jeremy had the opportunity to finish off Damon, but his conscience took over. Rebekha threatened to dagger Kol, who turned the table’s on his sister, but not before Klaus rescued her.  Those originals are one troubled family, you never know if they love or hate each other. Elena begged her flame to not hurt her brother, as Jeremy was on his final breathe, but it was Stefan who swooped in to stop his devious brother’s actions.  Looks like the hatred between Stefan and Elena is back on in full-force.

Stefan choose to keep Damon locked up to protect Jeremy and Elena as he’s still compelled by Kol. Elena realized for once that Stefan has emotions, just like everyone else!  It’s not all about you; other people get hurt with the actions that you take. Bonnie was not pleased with her father’s attempt to get her help to control her rage.   Klaus warned Jeremy and Elena that Kol would come after them, to finish what he started.

The episode concluded with Stefan and Rebekah taking their business venture to the next level.  Elena informed Jeremy that it’s his mission to take out Kol.  Why not? He is indeed an original.  Next week’s episode will indeed be a twisted one as Kol threatens the life of our favorite witch Bonnie. Until next week’s episode “Diary” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson