HOLLYWOOD—Who would have ever imagined that the spinoff from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Lisa Vanderpump would turn into one of Bravo’s biggest hits and guiltiest pleasures. For those not in the know, I’m referring to “Vanderpump Rules.” It is that show that I just happened to stumble upon one night some 5 or 6 years ago, and it has since become a must-see for me each week.

I mean this show has a host of characters unlike anything I’ve ever seen on network or Cable TV, and I’m not kidding. Do I suspect some of these characters ham it up a bit for the cameras? Without a doubt, but at the same time, I think for a ton of these characters, what you see on TV is what you will get in real life. While Vanderpump is the catalyst for the show, she is much more in the background than anything America. It’s hard to fathom that the series has hit six seasons, yes, six seasons.

I mean characters have come and go, but they always come back, so no one is truly gone to be honest. Stassi was the notorious mean girl on season 1 and season 2, and decided to vacate come season 3, however, she soon resurfaced and came back to the show. I think that has a ton to do with Stassi not having much going for her without the show. Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The same can be said for Kristin who was a staple on the series for at least 3-4 seasons before she was finally fired by Lisa for her antics. Trust me if you haven’t seen that clip of Kristin going ‘off’ on a Sur manager it will leave you in stitches. The same can be said for Kristin’s ex, James, whose battle with alcohol has been his downfall. I mean the kid had the job of a lifetime working as a DJ for a notable restauranteur, but his drunken antics led to him getting the boot from Lisa as well. That’s what I love about Lisa; she tells it like it is and doesn’t bite her tongue for ANYONE people.

Last season Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney finally tied the knot and are living in marital bliss, but maybe not. I mean Tom when your wife is not invited to a party, it’s not the best idea for you to go and leave her hanging. Just saying buddy! Speaking of Tom, his other pal Tom Sandoval was offered a golden opportunity to go into business with Lisa, but after some behind the back chat, Lisa pulled that opportunity from under the rug. Yeah, Sandoval it might not be the brightest idea to talk about your boss when she is within close quarters.

And now we get to the juicy character of them all Jax Taylor. This guy is a notorious cheater to the core. He cheated on Stassi and almost every girlfriend since Stassi. What’s worse, he cheated on Stassi with her best friend Kristen when they were together. Yeah, when Stassi learned about the betrayal she delivered a hell of a slap to her pal’s face. You’d think they would never be friends again, but on “Vanderpump Rules” these people make up so easily it’s unbelievable.

Brittany, who ushered her way into the melee last season, seemed like the one girl who might change Jax, well, Jax is Jax people. During the season 6 premiere rumors ran rampant that Jax hooked up with former Sur server Faith, but audiences were left to speculate. However, the truth was revealed just an episode later, where Jax confessed to the deed and Brittany lost it; she snapped and called him every name in the book, and I’m just dying to see how the mayhem will play out the rest of the season. My gut tells me that Jax and Brittany will be back together before the season wraps.

Oh, in case I forgot to mention Sandoval is dating Ariana, who was the girl that caused friction between Tom and Kristin when they were dating. Oh, we can’t forget about Scheana who divorced her hubby Shay last season and has quickly moved onto a new beau and is looking to walk down the aisle a lot sooner than she should be America, like seriously.

Rounding out the chaos this season is Lala Kent, who left last season, but has returned YET AGAIN looking to return to her old job at Sur. Hmm, why does my gut tell me Lisa will give this gal another go. Why? She brings plenty of drama to the show and of course that is what the audience wants! “Vanderpump Rules” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Written By Kelsey Thomas