SAN FRANCISCO—Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya (Shizen) reopened its doors for business on June 22. On Friday, July 10, they introduced their new specialty sushi roll via social media to their customers.

The new dish named “Miss Foxy Scarlet,” includes avocado, Panko-crusted bean curd, and sweet potato purée inside with roasted bell pepper, with black truffle hummus on top.

“She’s sultry, savory, and the perfect addition to our cast of characters,” reads a description of the item from Shizen’s Facebook page.

Shizen is a restaurant that consists of a fully plant-based menu. It is located at the corner of 14 Street. They provide lots of gluten-free cuisines and over 10 types of sakes.

“The team at Shizen is proud to offer a vegan sushi experience that harmonizes Californian and Japanese flavors while reducing resource use, safeguarding animal welfare, and softening our overall footprint on the world,” reads a statement from restaurant’s website.

On March, 16, the Sushi bar closed its door temporarily due to the ongoing global pandemic. They told San Francisco News that during the closure, the biggest problems the restaurant faced was their bills and lay off. The sushi bar still re-opened at the end of June.

After reopening, Shizen started offering boxed Sushi and discounted sakes to patrons. They are currently offering phone pick-up and walk-up order services only. The restaurant told San Francisco News that at this point they have no idea when they will be allowed to let customers dine inside.

For more details or to place an order at Shizen, call at 415.678.5767 or visit Shizen’s website.