HOLLYWOOD—It should have not been a surprise at all to see “Days of Our Lives” head in the direction of ensuring that Gabi Hernandez would be found guilty in the murder of Andre DiMera. I mean the tease of them making the viewer suspect the outcome would be a curveball had me actually laughing. It was the talk of the town in Salem, and with Abigail, um, her alter getting on the stand and telling flat out lies about Gabi threatening to want Andre dead, it sealed her fate.

Gabi was livid with Abigail, and it became apparent that Chad was starting to piece the clues together: something is off with your wife. However, the fact that Stefan was willing to reveal almost all during a game of chess with his brother spoke more wonders. I mean Chad, Stefan is pretty much telling you everything you need to know, all you needed to decipher was the fact that this woman claimed to be ‘Gabby’ was someone dressing up as the real Gabi.

Stefan has a psychological warfare to his tactics that was not always present with his father Stefano. He seems to enjoy it, and the fact that he is ruining Gabi’s life at the expense of Abigail is slightly honorable to a degree. I mean the woman is innocent, and it has become clear that Gabigail is a danger not only to herself, but to everyone in her presence. With Marlena, the great detective she realized that Abigail has DID, Dr. Laura emerged to protect Abigail from learning the truth. However, this is where things take a thing for the crazy. Why? Abigail whacked Marlena, and Stefan decided to kidnap the doc to protect the truth from coming out. Watching the moments leading up to Stefan spiraling with realizing that he and Gabigail are in major trouble was phenomenal TV, especially with Marlena walking into the DiMera mansion revealing she knows about Abigail’s situation and you can’t cover it anymore.

Do you have any idea who you kidnapped Stefan? This woman was tortured by your father, and you’re about to reignite a war yet again that will cause all sorts of chaos between Marlena, John Black and the DiMera clan. John was concerned when his wife didn’t show up, and considering his detective skills it won’t take him long before he discovers what has transpired. Abigail has already struggled at this point keeping her alters in check, and with someone like Marlena truly knowing what is going on, it changes everything. Stefan might be working Abigail, just as his mother Vivian is working Sonny.

She has found a mark in Leo who is going to do her bidding to take down Titan enterprises. Sonny has certainly moved on from Will, who quickly jumped into bed with Paul, as did Sonny with Leo. It’s safe to say Will and Sonny are long over. However, Vivian underestimated Leo’s willingness to do almost anything for money. Victor and Maggie are aware that Vivian is up to no good, but they unfortunately haven’t glued the pieces together to realize she is going after Sonny to get her claws into Titan. However, Kate is aware of Vivian’s antics and has hired Paul to snoop around. If there is one thing we all know about Kate is she is clever as hell, and when she has a hunch it always ends up proving true. I can’t wait to see Kate nail Vivian because it has been a long time coming for these two mortal enemies.

Lani’s pregnancy bombshell has been the talk of the town, and I really don’t see how she will be able to recover with J.J. I mean the guy thought he was going to be a father, only to find out the baby belonged to Eli; a guy he thought was a friend. Val was taken through the ringer by Abe and Lani for her deception, just as it became clear Lani blames Eli for all the madness in her life right now. If there is any hope for her and J.J. it all comes down to the pregnancy, where things are not looking so great for Lani. Her pregnancy is high-risk, and with the subtle hints delivered in recent episodes, I get the inkling Lani might lose that bundle of joy. The stress around her seems to be mounting and that is never a good sign at all.

So with Gabi behind bars, it looks like Chad is going to be her biggest champion, and it’s inevitable that Stefan and Gabigail will ultimately sleep together, and that will devastate Chad as we know it. Looks like the happily ever-after for Chad and Abigail will soon come to an end “Days of Our Lives” fanatics!