SAN FRANCISCO—The victim of a bike attack which took place on Wednesday, March 8, disclosed details about the incident to news reporters on Monday, March 13.

Alex Quintana, 35, a Modesto native, father of a newborn, and driver for Uber and Lyft, was attacked by a group of dirt bikers and motorcyclists who he claimed were driving recklessly on southbound Highway 101 at the Cesar Chavez Street exit during rush hour traffic.

“They were all hitting and kicking from everywhere,” Quintana, who was taken to the San Francisco General Hospital following the attack, shared with reporters. He also noted that he presumed he would die during the assault, which he described as “brutal.”

Quintana’s leg was broken in three different places, each leg are being held together by pins. According to reports, he had one surgery and will be scheduled for another, in addition to suffering abrasions, a broken nose, and nerve damage. He will need to attend a rehabilitation program for months to fully recover.

He noted that the approximate 15 riders, believing that one of them presumed Quintana would hit them, surrounded his white sedan, breaking the windows and side mirrors.

Quintana stepped out of the car to avoid getting injured by pieces of shattered glass. Upon exiting the vehicle, he was beaten by four of the bikers.

“He looked me right in the eye and ran over my leg. All I could do is lay there and cry and think about my kid,” he told ABC7.

Quintana has been working for Uber and Lyft to support his infant son, Elijah.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers are still searching for the suspects, whom they refer to as the “12 O’Clock boys.” Anyone else with information on the incident is asked to call (415) 551-4100.

Quintana’s sister, Natalie King, 32, has started a GoFundMe page for donations.