SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, February 21, officers from the San Francisco Police Department reported a man died from multiple gunshot wounds outside a McDonald’s restaurant located across from the Northern District police station on Golden Gate Avenue and Fillmore Street. The incident was reported at approximately 2:45 p.m.  The SFPD quickly arrived to the scene to investigate the shooting.

Witnesses said the attacker fled the scene of the incident immediately after firing. According to police, the victim was a man in his 20s. He was shot while seated in the passenger’s seat of a white Dodge sedan. Police say the driver survived the shooting and was not injured. The driver has been cooperating with SFPD in the ongoing investigation.

Authorities found the victim face down on the pavement. According to reports, the passenger had attempted to crawl out of the vehicle as shots were being fired. According to witnesses, the victim exited the vehicle from the driver’s side and ran a few steps before collapsing onto the sidewalk. The victim was rushed to the San Francisco General Hospital, but did not survive. Police have deemed the incident a homicide.

According to police Sgt. Anthony Manfreda, authorities have not identified whether the shooting was random or targeted. Police say five or six shots were fired. Manfreda has called the attack “brazen” due to the incident occurring “in the middle of the afternoon” with many pedestrians and motor vehicles in traffic nearby. “Unfortunately, it is not the first time it’s happened,” said Manfreda.

Witnesses say the attacker was a young man wearing dark clothing. After the attack, the suspect allegedly ran across the McDonald’s parking lot and got into another vehicle. Police have not identified a suspect, but they are reviewing surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses who were present at the restaurant when the shooting took place.