HOLLYWOOD—So at long last, a villain actually takes a loss on “General Hospital” in epic fashion. I have thoroughly enjoyed Victor Cassadine who brings villainy to the soap that has been missing for an extremely long time people. He had been manipulating so many people for weeks, Valentin, Laura, Nikolas, Ava, Esme, Holly, but he was outwitted by Holly, Felicia and Robert, who staged a scene that even I thought was real people. Holly with the walls closing in after being identified as the person who shot Lucy Coe, framed Anna Devane, drugged Robert, stole the Ice Princess, held Laura at gunpoint and then became a fugitive was believed to have died in a cabin explosion.

Only it was not Holly who burst out of the cabin engulfed in flames, it was Felicia Scorpio people. It was a genius plan, as Robert helped Holly flee town and start a new life. How that ties into Victor’s plan to utilize Nathan as leverage for the Ice Princess I have no clue, but the only thing I can argue is that Holly being in bad condition, Victor seems to think all is lost. Robert does indeed have the Ice Princess and no one is aware of those details, but Holly, Laura and Felicia at the moment. Holly is quite the resourceful girl, managing to align with Selina Wu of all people to assist her in her bid of taking about Victor by drugging him. Selina is powerful, but having a dance with Victor Cassadine, not a wise choice and I think it is going to cost Ms. Wu big time in the future people because when you play with the Devil you are bound to get burned.

Victor might have taken a blow, but this guy is worse than a cat with nine lives, he has a backup plan for the backup plan for the backup plan. He constantly has something to counter any potential hiccups in his master plan. A master plan the audience still has absolutely no idea about which is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this big mystery. Usually at some point, the audience is clued in on the secret, but we’ve gotten literally nothing for months, hell, it feels almost like a year at this point and it feels like nothing will change. He made moves to get Spencer released from prison, just as Uncle Cyrus attempted to implore his nephew that Uncle Victor cannot be trusted.

Perhaps the writers are still trying to figure out what the master plan will be. That still doesn’t leave Robert, Laura, Felicia, Mac, Robert, Anna or Valentin less worried. If anything they are just as concerned about Valentin’s next move. Let’s talk briefly about Cody, who was hoping to get his hands on that Ice Princess for a major pay day. Sorry, Cody, it ain’t happening, and it wouldn’t be a bad move to spill the truth to Mac that you are his son, there is not much for him to loose and that storyline of a romance between him and Britt doesn’t seem to be happening people.

Her Huntington’s Disease is progressing and she is starting to share that news with her loved ones to prepare them for the worst, with a big birthday celebration as we inch towards the New Year. Yeah, the writers are planning the farewell tour for Dr. Britt, as she gets closer to Austin in the process. I guess the writers have to give Austin something to do because we still know nothing about his mystery boss, nor do I care at this point. I was hoping Britt would become part of Victor’s master plan that somehow saw the return of Cesar Faison in some epic fashion, but I doubt that possibility at this point people.

The war between Michael & Willow and Nina & Sonny continues, as Michael does his best to inform Willow that telling the world about her leukemia might help her find a match, just as the walls seem to be closing in. Sonny is starting to distrust Dex more and more and Michael is starting to realize this plan of his might have a horrific outcome (which I am in agreement on). Nina and Willow are still at war, and Carly is still manipulating Drew in his search to locate Willow’s birth parents. I’m sorry it is just cruel what Carly is doing and her exposure will indeed be worth the wait, because she has absolutely no justification whatsoever people.

Dex is playing with fire in this burgeoning relationship with Josslyn even though she is with Cameron. Trina is still harboring feelings for Spencer who is still behind bars and under the guise that Trina has indeed moved on. All is not as it appears Spencer, and that so called wedding between Curtis and Portia is not going to happen when Jordan reveals that Curtis is Trina’s father, not Taggert. I mean Curtis offering an invitation to your ex-wife to attend your upcoming wedding. Not wise.

Valentin was able to pry the truth from Felicia that Lucy is indeed alive and he was on the hunt to find her location which has been kept hidden from him, and he has an odd partnership with Valentin. Remember he helped Anna escape prison and has had his hand in attempting to bring Victor down as well. Liz is till lying to Finn about what she is doing with Nikolas who is keeping Esme prisoner with his child to be.

Esme is doing her best to manipulate the situation, but continues to run into a dead end people. The only silver lining is Ava Jerome who is about to learn a secret that blows her world to bits. Why is she tempting a serial killer like Ryan Chamberlain? It is never a good idea, especially when you’re messing with his pregnant daughter and he’s obsessed with you. Finn is indeed on the verge of learning about Nikolas and Liz’s little secret involving Esme being held captive and preggers.

So much chaos and mayhem in one city people, as we still haven’t chatted about Ryan and Heather Webber! Yes, two wicked people aligning, talk about danger, it cannot be more dangerous to be in PC right now and throw in that Hook assailant who is still on the loose. Guess what? No idea who the culprit could be, the writers better have a good reveal when it does happen because it ain’t Esme, it ain’t Holly, it ain’t Heather, so I have no clue who the person could be and what the motive could be because nothing seems to be adding up at the moment.