HOLLYWOOD—I will admit I had been a bit bored with the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” in recent weeks, but things are getting very interesting. Why? A war is brewing at Newman Enterprises, but it’s NOT within the family, but an outsider attempting to take control of the company. Who is that person? It is none other than Ashland Locke. Victor always had suspicions about Ashland, but he has gathered the evidence to prove his case, but Ashland is not backing down.

Victor discovered that Ashland has been faking his cancer diagnosis so that he can weasel his way into Newman Enterprises. I still have not figured out the angle beyond the fact that Locke is a greedy and I mean a greedy business man. Now I must admit I’m no fan of Robert Newman as the new Ashland Locke. I preferred Richard Burgi. There was a bit more sinister approach to the character and he just had better chemistry with Amelia Heinle in my personal opinion.

With that said, Victor has shared his concerns with Adam and Nick, with Nick being enraged. Yeah, Nick and Victoria share a strong bond people and he doesn’t want his sister to look like a fool, but sorry, Victoria is the biggest dummy ever. All the red flags have been thrown in her face left and right and she still ignores them. She is on her totem pole, and I hate to say it, she needs to be made a fool to understand not to trust someone who is constantly lying to you. Nick cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it, and immediately shared with Sharon what Ashland has been up to. Sharon was stunned considering she just beat cancer, but I’m certain she will not spill the tea to others.

With that said, Victor decided to confront Ashland and it was one hell of a throw down where all the accusations were laid out and Victor was not messing around. There are two things you never want to do to Victor Newman: 1) Mess with his business 2) Mess with his family. If you do either, you will indeed pay the price, and the war between Victor Newman and Ashland Locke is exploding. Nick, Adam, Sharon, Victoria and Michael all know Ashland is faking his illness to get his hands on Newman and is now angling to be named co-CEO which Victoria is literally ready to sign the paperwork anytime. Hell, if Nikki hadn’t spoken to her daughter, she would have signed that paperwork and played right into Ashland’s hands.

Ashland has been busy keeping those doctors in Peru quiet and now Michael Baldwin has gone MIA and has Lauren concerned. Uh-oh, would Ashland resort to murder to keep his ruse going, I would not be shocked if he did people. Ashland has called Victor’s bluff so now it’s a question of what Victor will do since Ashland seems to think ‘The Moustache’ is not willing to make the move that he hopes not to. Let’s be clear Victor will break Victoria’s heart if he has to, he does not want to, but Ashland should not test this titan who does NOT play games when it comes to his business which he has fought valiantly to create people.

In other Genoa City news, Phyllis and Jack have traveled to Los Angeles after he received all those mysterious text messages. Those text messages were connected to his estranged son Keemo, who did not want a relationship with Jack at all people. However, this all connects to the big bomb that Keemo, had a daughter, which means Jack is a grandfather again, to a woman named Allie. Talk about a shocker people because it was one that took Jack and his bestie Phyllis by surprise when they came face-to-face with the woman.

I like where this story is headed, its touching on a bit of Jack’s past and merging it with his future which could be very fun to watch America. What Jack does, we shall see people, as it is likely to lead to the actual romance reunion fans have been screaming for: Jack and Phyllis.

In addition, Lily’s aspirations of a Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters merger was not happening if Devon had anything to say about it. I mean Lily is his sister so I would hope he’d consider it, but he sort of shot it down right away and I don’t think it will change people. With that said, Devon is happy he was a bone marrow match for Dominic who is doing much better, but to be honest I’m NOT thrilled with this storyline. It is boring people and the writers need to wrap this one up right away and find something else ASAP. Abby has nothing to do, Devon has nothing to do, Chance has nothing to do. Give the characters a storyline or let them go people.

Billy is working on a podcast, Mariah and Tessa are planning their wedding, Noah is continuing to mope, Nate is doing much of nothing and Sharon and Rey are Sharon and Rey. There is a major tease with Chelsea smitten by Rey and she is looking like she might start to act on those dreams she has been having about Sharon’s hubby. This could become interesting people because the chemistry between Rey and Sharon was absolutely there in the beginning, but it has fizzled in my opinion.

We all want Nick and Sharon to reunite which is seeming to have glimmers at the moment, and if that means Chelsea and Rey becomes an item so be it. I mean Sharon was canoodling a bit with Adam which Rey didn’t like, this could be his payback if you look at it that way “Y&R” fans.