HOLLYWOOD—To think last week I argued that Cyrus Renault was not a good villain on “General Hospital?” The guy is really proving to be a force in Port Charles; first he has Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford by the purse strings. First, she tries her hands at the bidding for GH so Cyrus can launder his money, but thankfully Ned and the Quartermaine’s intervened to try to stop it. Next, he implemented a plan to tamper with Jason’s bike at the beknowst of Brandon who is keeping secrets.

He already knows if Sonny and company discover he had a conversation with Cyrus about his visit to his shop he is literally dead in the water and nothing, and I mean nothing will be able to save him. Sam has been vicious looking for answers and I must admit Lindsay Hartley, has surprised me in the role. It is slightly scary that I don’t miss Kelly Monaco as Sam. That is not a good thing people.

Just when her world could not get more chaotic, the love of her life and the father of Danny could be on the cusp of dying. Oh, this worked wonderfully in Valentin’s plan which had Sam willing to sign over shares to ELQ for Danny and Scout to Valentin. This guy is wicked, and he gloated as he finally took of his mask revealing to Ned, Michael, Olivia, Brooke Lynn, Jax, Lucy and Nina about him becoming the new CEO of ELQ. This was explosive and I was living for every moment of it.

Why? Valentin may have won the battle, but it looks like he is losing the war. Nina was the least bit impressed with his latest stunt and she made sure that he was well aware of it. Hmm, looks like Nina has left her former flame in the past and is not looking back and he thought otherwise. Ned booted Brooke Lynn from the house and I was living for it. The girl is not loyal to her family at all and she learned a valuable lesson this week. Sam, also learned a valuable lesson when it comes to Jason, loyalty means everything to him. When he discovered that Sam sold Danny and Scout’s shares of ELQ to Valentin he was not pleased in the least bit America, and I can see this as a rift in their relationship.

I was pleased to see two more villains back in the foray in Nikolas and Ava. Nikolas poked a bit at Valentin, who didn’t like that energy directed his way, while Ava was furious at Julian for marrying con artist Nelle. I missed Maura West and the fact that Ava coyly warned Nelle not to threaten her brother or else, I can see a possible murder mystery on the horizon where Nelle Benson finally meets her maker and with so many enemies on her list anyone and I mean anyone could be responsible for taking her out. I mean she had the passports and that has to be a sign of things to come, so I’m starting to think maybe Nelle is not Nina’s daughter after all. It’s Willow, and that necklace just happened to fall into Nelle’s hands by accident.

In addition to that surprise, we learned that Maxie might be pregnant and only one person could be the father: Peter. Yes, Maxie is trying to keep this under wraps, just as Lulu was the first to learn about it. We all know Peter has his hands in a ton of cookie jars and I can sense his reckoning coming real soon. Robert is not letting go of Peter’s possible role in Shiloh’s demise, Franco’s attempted murder, Sam being framed and now Holly being presumed dead.

However, that is not the interesting tidbit for me, it’s Carly clocking Peter seeming to annoy Sam at the bar and calling him out on his antics. On top of that she also daggered Anna on her hypocrisy when it comes to her son. Then fast-forward to Peter showing up to the hospital to show his ‘worry’ about Jason, which angered Sam, which Carly also, noticed. Dare I say this now? Carly Corinthos is going to be the person who exposes Peter August for all his bad behavior? Oh, I cannot wait to see Peter exposed and to see all the fallout from the mayhem courtesy of Sam, Jason, Michael, the Quartermaines, Liesl, Maxie, Finn, Robert, Peter, but most of all Anna. It is going to be glorious TV America, so be patient.