HOLLYWOOD—Last week on “The Walking Dead” fans got the opportunity to see what transpired with Carol and Morgan. In this week’s episode, ‘The Cell’ we got a long awaited update on what happened to Daryl Dixon after he was taken prisoner by Negan and his crew. The episode opened with a nice homage of members of Negan’s crew indulging in a bit of liquor while watching “Who’s the Boss” on TV. Ok, what’s with all the sandwich making, and habitual habits? Are the writers looking to showcase to the viewers, that all is not great at ‘The Sanctuary,’ Negan’s camp?

I’m certainly beginning to sense that, especially from Dwight’s POV! Wow, Daryl is literally being treated in the worst possible fashion; trapped in a cell, stripped of his clothing and being fed dog food, with no light. This is Daryl at his worst. He’s being tortured by the one guy whose life he rescued. Damn, that music is complete torture people. Daryl might have a champion in Sherry, Dwight’s wife, who is not fond of listening to what her husband says.

Negan and his crew have a hoot bullying their prisoners by leaving them at the mercy of a bunch of ferocious walkers desperate for human flesh. Daryl has definitely lost his marbles with the incessant music and horrid treatment. Negan is definitely a tool to say the least; I mean offering up women like its normal is disturbing in my personal opinion. So it looks like Dwight has morals and boundaries he’s not willing to cross.

Dwight’s attempt to become the new Daryl is beyond sickening people. Who would have guessed, sending Dwight on a wild goose chase, would give Daryl the opportunity to escape captivity. He received a warning from Sherry that escaping the compound would only lead to far worse results. This is Daryl we’re talking about people, so following the rules is not something he does well, which led to a confrontation with Negan and his gang. Dwight found himself in the crosshairs of walkers and things did not look bright.

Man, Negan has crafted himself a cult, these people are so afraid of this guy it’s disturbing. If only these people opened their eyes and led a revolt against the enemy; they could find their salvation. Negan made threats to Daryl, but our protagonist didn’t seem scared the least bit. Hmm, what is it about Daryl that fascinates Negan so much people? Dwight continued to trek the long road, as he came face-to-face with the escapee who was moments from becoming walker food. Daryl took a brutal beating and saw himself locked in that cell yet again.

The escapee spoke a bit of truth to Dwight regarding Negan and the horrible things that were done to his wife. The escapee echoed what every viewer has been screaming for weeks, but fear stifled Dwight from going against Negan’s rule of thumb. After much debate, Dwight made a decision that could lead him to the light or to complete darkness. He returned back to camp, where he had a conversation with Sherry about her current state of mind. If these two were married, whatever transpired completely stripped these two of any emotion(s) they once had.

Yes, Daryl fought back against Dwight, throwing that dog meat sandwich at the enemy, which prompted Dwight to deliver a picture to Daryl that he was apprehensive to look at. Hmm, my gut tells me it was of either Glenn or Abraham’s grisly death. This is a first; Daryl actually broke down in tears. I can’t recall that ever happening as long as Daryl has been a character on the series.

Negan shared a bit of history with Daryl about Dwight, his wife and her sister. He married Dwight’s sister-in-law in order to provide her medical treatment. Unfortunately, Dwight stole that medicine, and stayed on the run, until he realized that his escape might harm his wife, Sherry. Negan continued to utilize tactics to pressure Daryl into joining his team, but Daryl didn’t budge, he stood his ground.

The final moments of the episode revealed that Dwight’s pal; the escapee became a walker trapped within the confines of the fence. Next week, we’ll get the opportunity to see the remnants of those deaths on Rick, Michonne and the others. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!