HOLLYWOOD—Last week, Alpha made her presence strongly felt on “The Walking Dead.” This week audiences got another opportunity to see how ruthless this woman can truly be. ‘Guardians’ saw Daryl and Connie on the hunt to locate Henry who went searching for Lydia after she was returned back to her mother. Alpha is one strange woman; she posed questions to Lydia about the Hilltop and their group. Let’s make one thing clear: Lydia is petrified of her mother.

Michonne let her frustration be known in Alexandria, as we got to see some familiar faces for once. Those faces include Father Gabriel and Aaron. Yes, Michonne scream at Father Gabriel because his stupidity almost caused a major foe to do something else. Ok, we keep talking about this fair, which I sense will be a major catalyst as the season comes to an end. Have to say I must agree with Michonne. If they journey to The Kingdom with the Whisperers ready to attack it spells bad news. Maybe the Kingdom has to fall, and they join Alexandria to strengthen numbers.

Um, Rosita is pregnant America, but Gabriel is not the father Siddiq is! Wait, when the hell did that transpire? Ok, there is a lot going on here, that I need answers to. The Whisperers seem to congregate wherever possible, and Henry made a bad mistake as he ventured to find Lydia. She responded by punching him in the face. It became clear she was trying to save Henry’s life. The way the Whisperers walk is driving me nuts; I know they’re trying to blend in with the walkers, but they just seem like a bunch of lost people. Their camp is much larger than I ever expected, which means they are a force to be reckoned with.

Michonne at long last, had a conversation with Negan about his escape and where things stand in Alexandria. He questioned her authority, and she barked back; seems she knows that she is not Rick Grimes. Connie and Daryl continued their hunt for Henry and located his stick. So we finally get to see how the Whisperers take off the skins of walkers and it was gruesome to say the least. Not all happy at the Whisperers camp, as some questioned Alpha’s leadership and they paid the ultimate price for it. Well that death was graphic to say the least, and it seems Alpha has a penance for severed heads. Henry was scared; he realized he should have stayed at the Hilltop.

Michonne did her best to convince Judith that Negan is not a changed man. It seemed the little one struck a nerve with her mom about the evolution of her behavior. I’m dying to know more about this guy who is Alpha’s right-hand man, oh and his name is Beta. He seems to be the enforcer, but that’s about all we know so far. Michonne came to the realization that she is willing to help the Kingdom, even if it means they’re placing the lives of the ones they care about most at risk.

In an effort to see Lydia’s loyalty to Henry, Alpha decided to force her daughter to murder Henry. It was apparent that Lydia was torn up about her mother’s move, but a horde of walkers invaded the camp stopping the ‘test’ in its tracks. So Daryl and Connie cloaked themselves, just as Henry and Lydia fled with them. A war is indeed brewing and it looks like Beta and Daryl will do battle next week. Until then “Walking Dead” die-hards!