HOLLYWOOD—Man, oh man, what an episode for “The Walking Dead!” Last week really begin to set the stage for madness with Negan capturing Carl and then returning to Alexandria and coming face-to-face with Judith, Rick’s daughter he had no idea about. The mid-season finale, was a whopping 90 minutes, and oh were surprises in store for viewers.

The episode titled, ‘Hearts Still Beating’ opened with Maggie and The Hilltop community still grieving the loss of Glenn, but in the midst of her eyes it was evident revenge was something that was still on her mind. Well, well, Negan decided to finally shave off that mustache, and I was none too happy to see him force Carl to not wear his eye-patch; that is simply cruel people.

Back at The Sanctuary, Daryl made a dash for escape, just as Negan continued to play house, while Tara was enraged, but planned to keep an eye on Judith at all costs. OMG, Negan is seriously making my blood boil; I CANNOT wait to see this guy get what is coming to him! In other parts of the region, Rick and Aaron were about to enter treacherous waters to get closer to a decent sized boat that may have been ladled with supplies and weaponry to take on the enemy. They soon found themselves in treacherous territory. Why? Aaron was pulled into the water by the walkers, but managed to survive against all odds. How in the hell did that happen. Cause I was certain, Aaron was a goner. Rick and Aaron loaded a truck with tons of supplies to satisfy Negan and his requests.

Yes, Carol is back in the mix people, who received a visit from Morgan bringing by food. He soon discovered that Ezekiel had been supplying food to her, but Carol per usual was holding things inside, and the conversation shifted when a member of The Kingdom stopped by. Daryl began to explore the remnants of The Sanctuary, keeping himself energized with a jar of peanut butter.

Very interesting development, because from a distance as Rick and Aaron loaded that truck, the foot of someone who had roped around the ankle watched from a distance. I’m certain this is a face from the past, but I’m not 100 percent certain who! Enid, Sasha and Maggie had a discussion about tackling Negan and ways to take out the big bad foe. Sasha was more concerned about Maggie’s safety.

Carol and Morgan learned more about The Saviors, and the potential for an uprising to take place to battle the dictatorship that Negan has built. A war is brewing people, a war is brewing people! Rosita had a tense conversation with Father Gabriel about her quest to bring down Negan at all costs, even if it means sacrificing her own life. It was such a tender moment, watching this guy console a woman who is grappling with the madness that has taken over their lives. Father Gabriel was speaking some serious knowledge people and it was a poignant moment, as Rosita tightly gripped her hands around that gun.

Daryl was smart to disguise himself as he planned his escape, but not without having a few weapons or two in his possession. That member of The Kingdom wanted Carol’s assistance in convincing Ezekiel to go to battle, but it looks like Carol is done with fighting. Too bad Morgan and Carol have no idea of the bloodshed that Negan has already spilled on Alexandria (Glenn and Abraham), once that transpires, I think things will vastly change. Looks like that spark between Rosita and Spencer is continuing to grow.

Daryl made a fast dash for escape, but found himself caught; for Daryl’s sake the guy who spotted him had no interest in snitching, but Daryl went on the bloody defense bashing the guy’s head in with a pole, just as Jesus arrived. Spencer and Negan came face-to-face for the first time, just as Michonne found herself that much closer to taking out Negan. Unfortunately, that member of The Saviors wanted our fearless sword-warrior to think before making a costly mistake.

Looks like Spencer is a kiss*** just as I suspected or he has ulterior motives that might win over the heart of Rosita. Rick and Aaron returned back to camp, just as Rick watched Aaron get pummeled by Negan’s minions and he was forced to watch. Negan and Spencer played a game of pool, as Spencer laid out all the madness that has erupted on his community courtesy of Rick. It looks like Spencer wants Negan to place him in charge instead of Rick, but Negan was not too pleased with the proposition, and it resulted in Spencer being viciously stabbed in the chest. That was the bloodiest death to date, as Spencer’s guts spilled all over the place, shocking Rosita, Carl and the rest of the citizens of Alexandria.

The look of pure rage on Rosita’s face left me boiling people! I’m telling myself, “No, no, no, please don’t do it Rosita!” Too bad, the urge was too powerful and she whipped out that gun and fired a bullet before the screen went black. Too bad Lucille and not Negan caught that bullet, which resulted in Rosita being tackled to the ground with a knife to her throat, as Negan made threats. When he asked who made the bullet, Rosita covered for Eugene, with a knife pointed at her eye, and another innocent death transpired, this time Olivia!

Wow, the level of bloodshed in this community is unbelievable, and the hands of this madman. The stare down between Rick and Negan was an epic moment, and Tara confessed to making the bullet, but unfortunately Eugene would not allow that to transpire and he confessed. God, I’m on the edge of my seat people, I thought the season seven premiere was bad, but this mid-season finale was much worse. It looks like Negan was ready to bash the head of another Alexandrian, but Eugene became a prisoner of The Saviors. Spencer was dead, but he was now a walker who Rick was forced to take out. Sad, just sad, sad people!

Rick and Michonne shared a moment, as the two did their best to grapple with what transpired. She alerted Rick that she discovered the whereabouts of Negan’s camp, and the level of The Saviors far extends what they ever expected. Guess what if you factor in Alexandria, The Hilltop and The Kingdom, it’s an army that can give Negan’s people a run for their money. She was determined to ensure they worked together to take down the big evil. Just as we opened the episode on Maggie, we return with Maggie yet again, this time as she spots Rick, Carl, Tara, Rosita, Daryl and Jesus. Man it was such a moving moment to see this team reunite, and in a way to battle an evil that has to be stopped one way or another.

Like I predicted the war is about to HAPPEN people, the war is about to happen! We got a sneak peek during the final moments of the episode during the night hours, as Father Gabriel sat on watch, just as that mystery figure that was watching Rick and Aaron, as they took those supplies from that boat. Man it seems like waiting till February to see the rest of season seven wrap is going to be massive torture. Lives were lost, but sometimes you have to lose the battle before winning the war. Until February “Walking Dead” die-hards!