HOLLYWOOD─Well last week was the sendoff of the iconic character Michonne on “The Walking Dead,” and while bittersweet I am happy we are getting back to the good stuff. Remember 2 weeks ago, the villainous Alpha met her maker courtesy of Negan. This week, the fallout from that unexpected death took place in the episode, ‘Look at the Flowers.’ A flashback revealed Carol letting Negan out to take out Alpha instead of facing death for his previous misdeed in Alexandria.

Flash to the present with Carol placing Alpha’s head on that wooden fence with Negan by her side. Negan was heading back to Alexandria, but Carol was not ready to return back, and Negan was afraid he was a dead man walking. Man, Carol is cold-blooded. Magna reunited with Jerry and other members of the Hilltop, just as Rosita urged Eugene to travel to meet Stephanie, but he didn’t’ get the response he expected as worry was on everyone’s mind.

Yumiko urged Magna to go on the journey with Eugene, but she refused and asked her pal to take the trek. Indeed interesting because we’ve not gotten the opportunity to learn a ton about this character, so it would be nice to see it. Also tagging along was Ezekiel, who seems to have come to grips that his time is indeed limited. Beta was taken aback to come face-to-face with Alpha’s severed head on a stick. When a fellow Whisperer called Beta the new Alpha he took offense, and allowed Alpha to feast on his face.

Negan stumbled upon the cabin where he was holding Lydia, but came on an angry Daryl. He made it clear that he was responsible for killing Alpha and that Carol let him out that jail cell. The question is with Alpha’s head gone, will Daryl buy what his foe is selling? Beta traveled to a saloon where it was clear, the audience was about to learn more about his musical past. Carol found herself haunted by Alpha who teased about Henry’s death and Sophia’s death.

Ezekiel’s condition appeared to be worsening, just as Daryl forced Negan take him to Alpha’s head. Daryl and Negan found themselves ambushed by Whisperers, but if anything they saw Negan as a king, just as Carol found herself in a dicey situation. Negan loved this power, it reminded him of his time leading the Saviors. If you’re trying to win Daryl over Negan, you’re not doing a great job buddy. It was truly sad watching Ezekiel have to take out his horse who was injured.

Negan admitted that Alpha taking him into her group made him feel welcomed; a part of something that he had been missing. Daryl listened, but he wasn’t getting the feels for Negan, even though he did something that saved our heroes from certain demise. Carol returned to Alexandria, and was greeted at the gate by Daryl of all people. Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko journeyed into a town, while desolate, had walkers cloaked in costumes, but unable to move. They were roped, chained or tied up. They stumbled upon an eccentric and colorful lady to say the least.

Beta continued to play that loud record drawing walkers in his direction. He spoke to Alpha’s head before putting her out of her misery, and moved along with a massive horde. So Alpha may be dead, but it looks like the threat is just beginning. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!