HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of “The Walking Dead” before next week’s mid-season finale people! The episode, ‘Sing Me a Song’ opened with Michonne on the hunt, as she dispatched of walkers, whistling along the way, while leaving a walkie talkie behind. Aaron and Rick are on a road trip; just as members of The Saviors appeared to be on a stakeout as well, unaware that Carl and Jesus were in the back of their truckload of supplies.

Looks like Jesus was making a trial for others to track their location by using syrup. It was quite smart to say the least. Jesus jumped from the truck, under the impression that Carl would follow suit, but the youngster did not. Oh, Carl, what the hell are you doing?! Yep, Carl found himself in a precarious situation, firing at members of Negan’s camp, just as the big bad made his presence well known. Unfortunately, he found himself overtaken by numbers, just as a helpless Daryl watched in horror. Yes, Negan’s camp is overrun by walkers on chains, and the headquarters for The Saviors is a massive factory to say the least.

For the oddest reason, Negan seems charmed by Carl; there is something about him that forces Negan to take a liking to him. As Carl and Negan enter the camp, his minions kneeled before him. Rosita and Eugene were about to vacate the premises, but Father Gabriel and Spencer wanted to tag along, but Rosita was not interested in hearing Spencer preach the importance of not fighting back. Father Gabriel and Spencer took a road trip anyway as back-up for Rosita and Eugene. Spencer made it crystal clear to Father Gabriel that he was NO fan of Rick and his leadership.

Negan introduced Carl to his room of women, with the hopes of tempting Carl to engage in a bit of debauchery. Sick would be the least of the words that I can use to describe this guy. A young woman named Amber seemed petrified by Negan, and she was frightened by what would transpire in the near future. This guy is not just a violent tool; he’s a rapist and treats women like sexual objects. Carl was stunned to see Negan, just as Dwight was not happy to see his wife sucking face with Negan. What the hell, it’s so apparent everyone in Negan’s camp despises him! If they just team up, they can overtake the big bad.

Well, it’s apparent The Saviors refuse to take action, which makes sense why Rick and all the others are willing to do so. Spencer is indeed a defiant soul, so much to the point that even Father Gabriel called him out on his BS. Man, I didn’t expect that from the guy who seemed to be the biggest coward of the series. While Father Gabriel decided to return to Alexandria, Spencer found himself trekking through the woods.

Carl got schooled by Negan on his polygamous ways, as the teen and mastermind got to ‘know’ each other better. It was a tense scene; as Negan demanded Carl to remove his eye patch. This is indeed a first, something we haven’t seen since Carl lost his eye during the second half of season six. It was an emotional scene for Carl, which became apparent that Negan purposely did so to mentally frazzle the kid.

What seemed to be a moment of compassion from Negan, didn’t last long, but it appears Negan wants to be a father figure to Carl. His request for Carl killing two of his men was to sing him a song. For the first time in a long time, it became apparent that Carl was frightened by Negan. Unfortunately, the moment of the hour was dawning for us TWD fanatics, as Negan planned to ‘iron’ a guy to teach a lesson about following rules. This was a tough scene to watch to say the least as Mark, the guy that Amber was so worried about got a hot iron burned to the side of his face, with skin pulling away.

The level of disgust in that room is certainty that much more blood is expected to be spilled before season seven culminates. What the hell is Spencer up to? Is he trying to prove that he is capable of protecting the camp or does he have something sinister in place? Rosita and Eugene arrived at that factory to craft that bullet, but Eugene attempted to reason with his pal to prevent further lives from being lost. She called him a coward, a weakling, and forced him to acknowledge that he might indeed be worthless.

Dwight got the dirty truth from his wife about Amber, Mark and Negan. The two acknowledged the sins of the past have continued to haunt them, delivering sleepless nights along the way. Carl and Negan did a bit of dance regarding their predicament. Bluffs were called, and Carl once again proved that his arrogance would cause major problems. Which prompted Negan to take Carl for a ride, too bad he wasn’t aware that Jesus was on top of the van? Daryl received a message while locked away in his ‘room’ informing him that escape is imminent for him. Hmm, it looks like Michonne was placing all those walker bodies in the road as a distraction to get the upper hand on Negan and The Saviors. Yes, the number of people out for Negan’s blood is on the rise people. Unfortunately, Negan’s minion picked a fight with the wrong person, because Michonne was ready to blow her head off.

Wow, Negan did indeed return Carl to Alexandria, which frightened Olivia to the core as she devised a quick cover for Rick who was out on the hunt, and his advances towards her led to a swift slap. Carl attempted to divert Negan from entering Judith’s room, but that might be detrimental to Rick and the others. Cause I’m CERTAIN Negan will use the toddler as a bargaining tool. Rick and Aaron found themselves that much closer to Negan’s camp, which was well protected by walkers in the water. Spencer, Rosita and Eugene were stunned to find Negan back in Alexandria, just as Carl sat uncomfortable watching Negan hold his baby sister.

Gosh, I’m dying for next week’s mid-season finale; I have the slightest clue what shockers, bodies and bloodshed we can witness come next week. Until Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!