SAN FRANCISCO—Homeowner, Ronald Martell, will receive $5 million from the city of San Francisco to rebuild his $2.1 million house that was demolished after sliding down a hill in January.

“We were really looking forward to moving in,” Martell said.

The settlement was announced on Friday, December 2. The settlement will help rebuild Martell’s house, surrounding property to protect a sewer line, a road, and other city property.

The Martell family purchased the home in October 2015 and after city inspectors informed the family the house needed to be demolished immediately. A crack in the driveway began to grow at an alarming rate, and the house began to slip and slide down the hillside. The house located on the 200 block of Casitas Avenue moved more than a foot in four days.

“God forbid that the house slides down the hill into somebody’s bedroom, ” Martell told NBC Bay Area News in January 2016.

The settlement was conceded after Martell argued an underground water main leaked cause the house to slip.

John Cote, Communications Director for the San Francisco City Attorney’s office indicated the settlement was appropriate given the facts of the case. The settlement ensures quick repairs to protect the roadway and several other homes in the neighborhood.

“Beyond that, the settlement guarantees that the house is rebuilt, which restores the fabric of the neighborhood,” Cote added.