HOLLYWOOD─Audiences of “The Walking Dead” were left with perhaps the biggest cliffhanger since the end of season 6 last week, as the tunnels collapsed trapping or killing (we don’t know the result yet) of Connie and Magna. Yes, rarely does a season premiere leave the audience questioning the outcome, but fingers crossed these two survive because I will be devastated if we lose these two so early in the series. This week’s episode, ‘Stalker’ saw Daryl out for blood.

Things kicked off with Beta and crew finding a nice hiding spot courtesy of a trailer that led to an underground tunnel. Rosita was having a bad dream about one of the Whisperers infiltrating Alexandria and attacking her child. Gamma arrived to Alexandria to let the gang know where the horde is and that members of their crew are in danger. Father Gabriel and Rosita had questions, which forced Gamma to reveal that she has an axe to grind with Alpha because her sister was killed and her nephew is at the Hilltop.

Too bad Rosita didn’t trust what Gamma was selling and delivered a punch to her face before she was locked up. Daryl was on the hunt near the Whisperers camp, but he was ready to strike, but discovered Alpha leading walkers out of that cave. Rosita was hesitant about working with a Whisperer, after what transpired with Dante, but Gabriel proved a solid point: they are weak. This is a new side of Gabriel that I like to see America; he’s fierce and not afraid to embrace his dark side anymore.

Daryl found himself seriously injured, and things did not look good, especially with Alpha hunting him down with gun in tow. She made noise hoping to draw the walkers to Daryl’s location. Judith had a conversation with Gamma where the little one poked at her backstory. As the walkers entered the abandoned auto shop, Daryl with a knife in his leg was forced to fight off walkers injuring blood from his leg even more. The Alexandrians were preparing their rescue mission, weapons and all.

Gabriel made a smart move forcing Rosita to stay behind, while he went out in the field. Well this is interesting, Rosita and Gabriel are back together as an item people. Ok, I did not expect this, as that tunnel that Beta started traveling thru in the beginning of the episode, led to a gravesite within Alexandria? Not this is just plain crazy people! The Whisperers are not just lethal, they are smart as hell.

With the power out, Beta made his presence known as bodies started to drop in Alexandria. Gabriel and Rosita were thrown for a loop as they discovered they had been duped. Rosita panicked realizing that they were under attack at home, as walkers started to emerge from those killed. Beta snuck into the prison looking for Gamma, and confronted the duplicitous one. Gamma refused to follow along with Beta’s threats, as he found an axe to his throat, allowing Gamma to escape courtesy of Judith.

Beta dismantled the threat, and went searching for Gamma where he got shot by Judith, but he was not out, as it was apparent he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Rosita arrived to the home, where a battle between hero and villain emerged, with Rosita on the receiving end near death, but Gamma was ready to kill herself to protect Rosita.

While it appeared Beta had one the battle, he lost the war after he was ambushed by Gabriel and the others, who shot him down and took him captive. Man, I am not lying this has been one of the best episodes of “The Walking Dead” that I can recall in a very long time people. So it’s apparent Alpha’s condition is just as dire as Daryl’s himself people. I mean our heroes have Beta in their possession, so does this mean Negan know becomes her second in command? When Daryl forced Alpha to look in the mirror about what she did to Lydia she was enraged people.

Well, here is Lydia who has been MIA for such a long time. She came to her mother’s aide, where the villain wanted her daughter to take her out of her misery. Unfortunately, Lydia was not ready to take over her mother’s reigns. However, when Alpha awoke it was daytime, Lydia was gone and so was Daryl. So that means Lydia rescued Daryl, not her mother! Alpha is not happy, as that betrayal has to hurt for Alpha, who I am certain will be out for major blood.

Aaron arrived back to Alexandria, where he broke the news that some got separated. Rosita and Gamma aka Mary were traveling to the Hilltop. Daryl was reunited with Lydia who assured her former ally and mentor who shared she could not kill her own mother. Fantastic episode full of surprises, and next week the audience is delivered a battle we’ve been waiting for. OMG, I cannot wait until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!