HOLLYWOOD─It has been a slow buildup to an epic battle on the tenth season of “The Walking Dead.” On one side, we have our heroes including Carol, Michonne and Daryl, on the other end, we have ‘The Whisperers’ led by the nefarious Alpha and Beta. However, this mid-season finale, ‘The World Before’ packed a huge punch with lots of surprises along the way. If you have not watched the episode spoiler alert, STOP READING RIGHT NOW!

The episode kicked off with a flashback, and Alpha alerting Dante she wanted him to be her eyes and ears inside Alexandria, giving the audience a taste of how he infiltrated the camp of our heroes. First, behaving as a Whisperer for crying out for help, as he joined others who were invited into Alexandria, and immediately bonded and left notes for his allies, while being the perpetrator of those messages wanting to take out the enemy. In addition, he tampered with the water supply, murdered Cheryl amongst other things. This guy is dangerous as hell, and was a sheep in wolves clothing that no one expected except Siddiq, until it was too late.

Rosita came looking for Siddiq, just as Dante was ready to implement his next masterplan, but Rosita was aware that he was a threat, just as he went on the attack. This was crazy, just as walker Siddiq came after Sweet Pea she was forced to murder the father of her child, as she viciously pummeled Dante to a pulp. Wow, that scene alone left me on edge. I can only imagine the emotions Rosita endured in that one moment.

Aaron continued to forge a bond with Gamma who was still grieving the loss of her sister, at the hands of Alpha. She was willing to betray her base in order to see the only family she has remaining left. This resulted in Gamma revealing her true name: Mary. Dante was busted, and Gabriel, Carol, Daryl and Rosita were out for blood. They wanted answers, but he was not ready to chat. I would kill this guy right now without hesitation, and Rosita was ready for blood. Just as Aaron learned the truth about Dante, and he delivered huge Intel about where The Whisperers are keeping the horde. This is a twisted turn of events people, like utter chaos right now.

Talk was back to looking for Lydia which I think is a massive mistake. I’ve been waiting to see Michonne, who was back in the flesh, as they ran into prints that looked like those of the Whisperers. The gang stumbled into a library, where walkers were present, and unknown individual, who is later identified as Virgil came to one of our hero’s aide. Back in Alexandria, Siddiq received a proper burial from those who loved him most, particularly Rosita whose blood was boiling with revenge.

She spotted walkers attempting to get inside the camp and utilized brass knuckles to take out her anger, but almost became a walker, if it wasn’t for Eugene coming to her aide. Rosita realized that she has to be smarter with her decision for her daughter; she refuses to die and leave her daughter an orphan. Michonne warned the Oceanside they can’t just let anyone inside their camp, which was the same guy who assisted the group back in the library. Michonne wanted answers, and threatened to use her sword to get them, but walkers infiltrated the camp, and in a major way, just as Judith went missing. She was taking out walkers, just as she subdued that mystery guy with a slice to the leg.

Gabriel was determined to get answers from Dante on how he infiltrated their camp and asked about his son. Jeez, what is it with Gabriel making stupid decisions and opening jail cells. Dummy, you give people the opportunity to escape and get one over you. Something told me Gabriel as about to do the unexpected and he certainly did, as he viciously stabbed Dante to death. It was damn brutal, and this is the Father Gabriel, who I’ve been dying to see since season four. You committed murder, it changes everything now.

Gabriel emerged from the prison, and Rosita knew something was off. Daryl, Carol and Aaron stumbled upon Connie, Kelly and Magna. As night approached, Carol and Daryl stumbled upon sticks in the road, a reminder of those they lost. Carol was livid, and the duo discovered traps had been set to capture them. Daryl tried his best to talk some sense into his pal, who was struggling with her grief.

Michonne wanted answers from Virgil, who kept talking about getting home, but was still vague in his answers. He forced our fearless one to shed some tears. Hmm, this guy lives on a base with massive weapons that can help the protagonists take out the threat, once and for all. Hmm, so this is how the writers plan to maneuver Danai Guirara from the series. That was a heartwarming moment between Judith and Michonne.

Looks like Mary got one over on Aaron, as the mystery location was a bust or perhaps the walkers are hidden in a place not visible to the human eye. Finally, the mystery guy’s name is Virgil. Michonne gave Judith a walkie talkie for her to stay in communication with her. Virgil and Michonne got on a boat to travel back to his home, just as Carol and the others were planning to head back, but Carol had other plans. She discovered Alpha and went after the enemy, which forced the others to chase after her.

Ok, these final moments have me seriously worried. Carol was on Alpha’s tail and the others were forced to fight off walkers. Daryl cautiously walked into a dark tunnel where he lost his footing. Why? It was a cave, and he found himself trapped with his cohorts at the mercy of a massive horde of walkers. So we now know the hideout, but it looks like the massive battle between the Whisperers and our heroes has yet to explode.

Man, I cannot wait till February 2020 because that teaser for the upcoming action looks epic. Enjoy the time off “Walking Dead” fans because it’ll be a while before the series returns to conclude season 10.