HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode before next week’s season five finale for “The Walking Dead.” Episode 15, ‘Try’ saw Rick and the others dealing with massive fallout with Deanna and the rest of the community after a run that went terribly wrong resulted in the death of Noah and Aiden.

The episode opened with a walker strolling through the woods, before making the transition to Deanna’s home where she played music while her husband and son sat listening. Carol was busy preparing supper for Deanna’s family, who took the card, but refused to eat the food. She later burned the card. This woman does indeed concern me at times. She’s so hot and cold it’s scary. Daryl and Aaron continued taking out walkers, as they spotted a glimpse of light from a distance, indicating human existence, rather it was enemy or foe is still up for grabs.

Nikolas and Glenn shared their accounts of what transpired; Glenn told the truth while Nikolas lied. Deanna wasn’t so sure about Nikolas’ tale, while Rick was almost frighten by what he learned from his friend. Carol shared specific details that Sam gave to her about Pete and Jessie. Rick confronted Pete on the grounds and did his best to not murder the guy. I must say our hero is learning a bit about self-control. Rosita and Michionne went beyond the gates searching for Sasha who continues to be a loose canon. Rick warned Deanna about the issue with Pete, but she was already aware of it, and choose to preserve his surgical skills versus exile him from the community.

Carl continued to follow his female friend, who basked in the freedom of roaming free, but discovered walkers are in the midst of the community. The duo hid in a tree stump, as a massive troupe of walkers roamed towards the camp. Call me crazy, but if you’re searching for a death warrant this is the perfect way to ensure it happens. Glenn decided to confront Nikolas about his treachery and being a coward. Sasha continued her hunt to take out walkers, just as she was confronted by Michionne and Rosita. The ladies went crazy murdering as many walkers as possible, just as Sasha nearly meet her end. She was none too please to have the assistance of the others.

Daryl and Aaron continued their search for life and stumbled upon a woman’s body; she was tied to a try, with the letter ‘W’ written on her forehead; the incident happened quite recently. Rick had a conversation with Jessie to discuss about the physical abuse; unable to deal with his emotions, he revealed to her that Sam asked for a gun to protect her. It was an emotional scene between the two, where he confessed his feelings for her.

Pete stumbled upon the two in a close moment between Rick and Jessie, which led to a heated confrontation. Pete and Rick both threw punches before crashing through the front window. The entire community rushed to the scene of Rick and Pete fighting, with both Jessie and Carl attempting to prevent another death. This resulted in Rick pulling a gun on the members of the community, which was a dividing line. The walkers were on the outskirts of the wall trying to get in. Sasha continued to take them out, while Rick gave an epic speech on survival and how it differs for his gang and Deanna.

In a shocking moment, Michionne intervened and knocked Rick out and fade to black. Can’t wait till next week’s season finale, where Rick looks to be on the chopping block in the community! Jeez, next Sunday is going to be bonkers “Walking Dead” die-hards!