HOLLYWOOD—“Pretty Little Liars” fans across the nation have been waiting for this day for years (personally, I’ve been waiting since the end of season 2 when it was revealed a bigger player was in the mix). Yes, the revelation of who ‘Big A’ came front in center in the season five finale “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” which saw Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna inside “A’s” elusive lair.

STOP READING RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE FINALE, TRUST ME STOP NOW SUPER MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. The identity of “Big A” is none other than CHARLES! Yes, the writers pulled another one on fans, as we didn’t get to see a face, but got all the evidence to decipher that this individual is a twin of one of the residents of Rosewood, Jason Dilaurentis!

This may have been one of the darkest and most twisted episodes in the series since its inception that found Spencer, Aria and Emily heading to the big house to join Alison and Hanna. The surprise, the ladies would never make it thanks to “A” who had other plans in store as the dynamic four found themselves being transported to separate them from Alison.

The jail break was epic to say the least as the villain drugged the liars. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings were updated by Toby about what happened to the ladies, and Mrs. Hastings speculated that Mona could perhaps be alive! Ashley, Ella and Pam had no idea their girls were missing, this is nuts! Spencer was the first to awake in her orange jump suit and what looked to be her bedroom.

The attention to detail was scary, as Hanna, Aria and Emily soon discover this was not their original playground; it was a dollhouse. When the liars came face-to-face with each other, they followed the pathway to come face-to-face with someone dressed like Alison playing the piano, it was MONA; she LIVES! She was seriously acting like Ali.

Caleb, Ezra and Toby worked diligently to obtain details on precisely who kidnapped the ladies. It was almost like “A” wanted the liars to figure out what happened the night Alison supposedly died. A weird alarm went off and the ladies entered another room where they were forced to place a game, while being watched.

The liars were being invited to senior prom, and it was a dozy to say the least. “A” is one hell of a nefarious fiend, torturing the liars with unbelievable sounds until they returned to their bedroom. The line of the night goes to Hanna who quipped, “Him, Her, It, B***h,” while shouting at “A.” Mona entered Hanna’s bedroom to break down what is truly going on. She declared that she is being tortured beyond belief.

The Hastings paid Ali a visit to find out where Spencer is, and she was stunned to hear her friend is missing. Our notorious liar dropped a bombshell revealing that “A” took them. She explained to the parents that this “A” is playing the game with higher stakes. “A” was seen controlling camera’s and watching the ladies from a distance. Spencer recalled being in that playroom, and deciphered the name ‘CHARLES’ from the play blocks.

Mona awoke to find a present on her dresser, which was a gas mask, and a card from “A” that read, “Because you’re my favorite.” Hmm, that was an epic clue to say the least. Lt. Tanner suspected that Caleb hijacked the vehicle with the liars. The parents got involved in the big mix, with Veronica and Peter showed up to assist Caleb, Toby and Ezra.

“A” was recreating a prom that occurred back when Melissa and Ian went to the big dance. Mona wrote on a ballot card, that “A” sent her a gas mask. Mona and Spencer devised a plan to display a prom unlike any other. Peter was a bit hesitant opening the box where secrets from the past could be revealed.

Veronica received a call from Melissa, but Andrew was seen spying on the conversation. Spencer was determined to get to the vault, but would have to shut down the power to win the game. The liars devised a argument to distract “A,” which allowed Mona to gather the appropriate supplies. Peter and Veronica decided to represent Caleb to assist with getting the goods on the villain. These parents are quite smart to say the least.

Mona, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer were forced back to their rooms, just as Caleb was allowed access to the Rosewood Police Department’s system and located the missing van. The liars were forced to get dress for the creepiest prom to date, full of mannequins; I’d never attend this prom if I was forced to. “A” was indeed in attendance, the liars just didn’t know it.

When Mona entered the prom dressed in her Ali mask, Spencer called out Charles to stand with Ali, and ‘they’ made their presence known, just as Aria took a picture knocking out the power allowing the liars the opportunity to flee the compound.

The old Campbell farm was familiar to Veronica and Peter Hastings who took Melissa and Spencer there as kids. The authorities entered the farm. The location was “A’s” liar. Spencer entered a secret room where she saw popcorn, a record playing and a video of the Campbell Farm with two twin boys, a baby Alison and Mrs. Dilaurentis. Spencer found herself coming face-to-face with Charles who was none other than Jason Dilaurentis twin! He’s “Big A.” Lt. Tanner saw the footage proving that Mona and the liars have been kidnapped.

The liars found an escape route, but were trapped by a huge fence, that was electrified. Spencer halted the ladies, and the lights flashed where it was finally revealed that escape was impossible. They were literally in the middle of no where and “A” has the liars right where he wants them.

So many questions not enough answers. So is it true that Jason is the one with the twin and that Charles has been behind all of this chaos? What is his motive, why does he hate Alison so much and precisely where has he been kept hidden. How does Bethany tie into this story? Jeez, can’t wait till season six kicks off in June 2015! I’m still peeved that the writers didn’t give us an actual REVEAL as they promised. Until then “Pretty Little Liars” fanatics!